Head wind start, tail wind finish, goodo.


It looked like a warm day, but not until after the ride would be well and truly done and dusted.

For a change up, the group started in Lyndoch. By starting there, it allows the rides to comfortably get out and past the Barossa Valley, so opening up some different options. Plus if you wish to add a few extra Ks, you can start a little bit earlier from Gawler to add 25ks for the day. Some took on the extra ks and there was a steady stream of riders between Gawler and Lyndoch. Here is one group rolling in.

At the ride safety brief, Kate pointed out the bridge works across Lyndoch Creek, just as you leave town so a bit of caution needed there.

We had two rides on again. The medium ride was up to Tanunda and Nuriootpa, before taking the bike path to Angaston. The return trip was back along the path to Lights Pass Road that leads through to Bethany, and then  on back to Lyndoch. 51 kms and 415 m of climbing.

The longer ride took in the same route as the medium ride to Angaston. From there off to Flaxman’s Valley road, and then to the back of Menglers Hill. From there, through Bethany also and back to Lyndoch. 63 kms and 679 m of climbing.

Here is the whole group before heading off.

At the bridgeworks, the temporary route was  gravel,  but everyone was fine with that.

The rest of the section to Tanunda was an opportunity to get warmed up and ready for the climbing etc.

There was a quick break at Tanunda, with the longer ride, with 19 riders, heading off first.

They made a steady pace, linking up with the bike path at Nuriootpa on their way to Angaston.

Here is a number of the group going through the cutting.

Bec and Wayne

Andrew and Mic.


Dave and Ian

Tim and Matt

At Angaston, they again had a quick stop before heading off to Flaxman’s Valley Road and then Tanunda Creek Road. This a  beautiful section to ride through, with the big trees and vegetation to enjoy , plus as a bonus there were no cars to speak of, so a real pleasure.

Next stop was the top of Menglers for a quick catch of their breath, before a quick run down to the bottom. From there they passed though Bethany before turning back on to the Barossa Valley Way and all the way back to Lyndoch.

It was a trouble free ride, with everyone enjoying morning.

Thanks to Dave H for being ride caption and Tim for taking on the role as TEC. Great job, keeping the ride rolling along, with everyone safe and sound.

The medium ride, with 13, also had a great time of it.

After leaving Tanunda they took the bike path to Nuriootpa. This ensured they were off the main road and the traffic.

Unfortunately, Ian M broke one of his rear spokes. A quick decision was made to remove the spoke and adjust the rear brake  to compensate, and get back to the ride, which was all good.

Once the group got on to the bike path, they were riding straight into a headwind, so it was a bit of grind  with the climb all the way to Angaston.

Here is Paula, Rob and Ian, going through the cutting.

Next stop was Angaston, with everyone enjoying the cool shaded park

Here is the group posing in front of the very famous statue in the park.

What is also nice about stopping at the park is the filtered water that is available behind the building. It’s nice to get quality water when you are out on your bike

The group decided to bypass Tanunda and head back straight to Lyndoch, passing through Bethany.

So from Angaston the group enjoyed a tail wind, with more or less a downhill trajectory. This is the best way to arrange a ride!

Back at Lyndoch, everyone negotiated through the bridge construction site again, which was all fine.



Peter, Paula and Rob.

A big thanks to Peter for fulfilling the role as TEC, again providing great support.Here he is with Roger, dolling out the jelly snakes, which were greatly appreciated.

So another great day out with the Wheelers, and a great option to start at Lyndoch, opening up some great rides for the group.

 Back to the Exchange, it was an opportunity to get refreshed and cool down a bit.

This week awards went to the two birthday boys, Ian and Mark. Both reached important milestones and are both riding very strongly taking on some big distances.

Thanks to Ian for bringing in a cake to share, in particular Jane, Ian’s wife who organised the beautiful cake. Nothing like a celebration.

Here are Mark and Ian, as always, all smiles.


So another great day out with the Wheelers, enjoying the great weather and beautiful rides.

The weather for next week looks a tad hot, so we will see what is in store closer to the time.

So stay safe,




Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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