Autumn delight.

Again the weather turned on a perfect  morning for a ride with 48 riders out.

Originally there were four rides on offer, the SOB, One Tree Hill, Greenwith and Houghton. In the end only two had opted for the Houghton ride, so they decided to pitch their lot in with the Greenwith ride.

There was a large number  who opted for the SOB ride for a 53 k run.

One of these was Bec,  whose partner is Rob.

Bec is new to road riding, so thanks to Wendy for your support on the ride. Bec did the ride comfortably and said she will be out again soon.

The One Tree Hill ride, 45 ks, split off from the SOB at Curtis Road for a bit of a run in the hills.

Here is everyone at the Curtis Road intersection.

A relatively small number, seven,  took on the ride up to One Tree Hill. On the ride we had two that were out with the Wheelers for the first time, Nick and Mike.

Nick is very new to riding, and his first ride was last weekend with AJ. AJ convinced him to come out with the Wheelers .

 He originally thought about doing the SOB, but was convinced to take on the hills, so another first, a hills ride. Nick was fine. He took to it very well, getting up Yorktown  Road in good time, and good pace for the rest of the ride

The other new rider was Mick.

 Mick has been off the bike for several years, but has raced before, so has good bike skills. He is working to build up his bike fitness, so he can get out and enjoy cycling again.

In a very strange  coincidence, both Nic and Mike, both suffered  flats. It was either a visit from the puncture fairy or just bad luck. Either way, not the best introduction to a ride with the Wheelers.  But I don’t think that dampened their enjoyment . Also thanks to Kevin for his support on this ride.

But at One Tree Hill, who should we bump into but Peter.

Peter is doing some paving over the weekend, and I’m sure it will look great when it’s finished.

The longer ride through Greenwith, 57 Ks, with over 20 riders, went off without a hitch, with everyone having a great time. In particular Dani, on her second Wheelers ride put in a stellar performance, carving up the hills. Well done. Also Peter R had his touring bike out, and kept up with everyone. Looks like he is peaking just at the right time for his trip to England and touring of the Lakes District.

So another great day out with the Wheelers, a perfect way to start the weekend.

Until next week

Safe riding


Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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Brett thats Gary stating his personal opinion.

Again earlier in the process I stated it would be better if the original one was phased out as far as production is concerned. I would think this would be a natural progression. 

The old design will still be available for ordering if the demand is there, but I would expect that it would be phased out once the new one is finalised and takes over in popularity. As Fred has previously stated, the new design will be available from CS or our original supplier at a more economical price. I've already indicated to our supplier that there is a new one in the pipeline and he can supply the same design at our usual $40 or so.

Good on you Gary you are vital in the scheme of things and this should keep as many  GW members happy as humanly possible.

Just look at the above photo of the group on the SOB.....seems like a lot of different jerseys are being worn now......and from memory, and as Lynda has said, we don't have to wear a GW jersey if we don't want don't get your point at all.

The new design looks fresh and modern but keeps the original colours and I particularly like the addition of the date we were formed. Great work by the team who have put in their own time to create it.

Thats right Colin I think a lot of members will be surprised as to how much the new design will stand out.

I share simular concerns with Cage, From a safety perspective it seems less visible, perhaps if they ride fast enough it will be ok. I feel this jersey is going ahead no matter what, if its better or not and just for the sake of it now. I actually don't like being critical but you have to admit the original jersey is really good so it shouldn't be a easy rollover unless the new one is much better in every way, opinions come into it of course.

I wish it luck but for my own safety I will wear what I feel is best at the time. Just not a fan of the style and cost sorry.

Understand where you are coming from Brett your ideas for the new jerseys were actually similar to Fred's and used in Fred's first few versions so were in the mix. So your ideas were very much considered and appreciated.

It was a combination of all our members ideas, concepts and keeping the old jersey in the mix. As you would appreciate it is hard to come up with a design that will make every one happy. This has taken a lot of time it is not a design taken lightly. A lot of consideration and time has gone into it by GW members.

We appreciate your feedback so thanks for that.

Hopefully all GW members will be proud to own our history and evolution as a social safe road bike group.

Just an observation Brett. Looking at your profile pick, from that angle there is no visible bright yellow so I guess it depends on how you look at it. The yellow sleeves bring lightness on the most outer part of the body. Having rear lights will be extremely effective for making us visible. i have been scanning many photos and every week there are numbers of dark kits. As Scott mentioned black cars are more visible than grey ones but put lights on in the car and they are visible.  I ride with lights all year no matter what kit I wear. As has been mentioned GW kit not a requirement to ride, it just gives us unity like and other sporting group.

Ha ha Mat, my question was "will my bum look small in these knicks?" Answer is, we will all look awesome :)

Reading a few of the comments. Been looking at a lot of stuff on line etc. The design is really up to date. As for it being quite black, the current jersey is all dark on the front so little change. Only difference is the pockets are black and a small section under the collar but the sleeves are yellow which replaces the black so still balanced. As has been mentioned LIGHTS guys can be seen for miles. Study has been done and colour makes little difference to inattentive drivers. Lights on your bikes guys. Having said that when it is darker in the day, hi vis reflective vest is more effective in low light. Also the yellow will be a clean slightly brighter shade.

Just sayin :)

Linda, your aware of a ride I was on last Sunday where a small group of us rode from Flinders, up Willunga hill, over to Clarendon & then back to Flinders. At the bottom of Chandlers Hill Rd. a tail light of one of the bikes broke of its mount and the rider had to go back for it which meant he had no light for the rest of the ride. People also forget to recharge their lights, some forget to bring them & others simply forget to turn them on. Stuff like this happens, and unfortunately, it will continue to happen so you should never rely solely on lights to make yourself visible. 

One of the reasons that influenced me to drive 30km on a Sat. and ride with the GW as opposed other groups was the Wheelers high regard for safety. The new jersey being black at the back, in my opinion, is a huge step back from that. 

Now, I know Black is currently 'fashionable', but it would have to be the worst colour for a cycling jersey. Drivers already use the line 'I didn't see you' so why help them with that. Given we ride on a lot of roads that are posted at 100+, I think our lives are worth more than trying to looking 'cool' or 'fashionable' as cars go by.

At the very least, the rear pockets need to be a much brighter colour as that's the part of the jersey that stands out the most even when your down in the drops. If people where to google 'Scuzzi Riders' and then hit images, you'll see the lower half of their jersey is bright red & it stands out a mile.

No disrespect intended...just my 2c.

I suspect that if the primary consideration is "visibility", then there is no one jersey colour and style that would be the "best" in all circumstances including rain, fog, overcast and clear; night, twilight and day; summer and winter; shade, dappled tree shade, full sun.

When I am driving, I think about what makes particular cyclists visible earlier or later under various conditions, and also what makes it easier to tell exactly where they are, how fast they are going, which direction etc.

I don't recall ever being surprised by the sudden appearance of a mostly-black "lycra" cyclist, and in fact the times I've been most surprised by mostly-black cyclists at all were at night when I was on a bike with bright forward-pointing white lights, and the surprise bike was to the side and either they had no lights or they were vastly dimmer than mine.

I think that the yellow shoulders, yellow extending along the long sleeves, and yellow bands on the legs will help drivers to work out where the cyclist is, and how wide they are.

I tend to ride with a highly reflective "Be Safe Be Seen" band on my right ankle, and on my right wrist if I have full-black sleeves and gloves to help drivers work out where I am (and if I am signalling right). Movement helps, along with lights and reflective bits.


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