Autumn delight.

Again the weather turned on a perfect  morning for a ride with 48 riders out.

Originally there were four rides on offer, the SOB, One Tree Hill, Greenwith and Houghton. In the end only two had opted for the Houghton ride, so they decided to pitch their lot in with the Greenwith ride.

There was a large number  who opted for the SOB ride for a 53 k run.

One of these was Bec,  whose partner is Rob.

Bec is new to road riding, so thanks to Wendy for your support on the ride. Bec did the ride comfortably and said she will be out again soon.

The One Tree Hill ride, 45 ks, split off from the SOB at Curtis Road for a bit of a run in the hills.

Here is everyone at the Curtis Road intersection.

A relatively small number, seven,  took on the ride up to One Tree Hill. On the ride we had two that were out with the Wheelers for the first time, Nick and Mike.

Nick is very new to riding, and his first ride was last weekend with AJ. AJ convinced him to come out with the Wheelers .

 He originally thought about doing the SOB, but was convinced to take on the hills, so another first, a hills ride. Nick was fine. He took to it very well, getting up Yorktown  Road in good time, and good pace for the rest of the ride

The other new rider was Mick.

 Mick has been off the bike for several years, but has raced before, so has good bike skills. He is working to build up his bike fitness, so he can get out and enjoy cycling again.

In a very strange  coincidence, both Nic and Mike, both suffered  flats. It was either a visit from the puncture fairy or just bad luck. Either way, not the best introduction to a ride with the Wheelers.  But I don’t think that dampened their enjoyment . Also thanks to Kevin for his support on this ride.

But at One Tree Hill, who should we bump into but Peter.

Peter is doing some paving over the weekend, and I’m sure it will look great when it’s finished.

The longer ride through Greenwith, 57 Ks, with over 20 riders, went off without a hitch, with everyone having a great time. In particular Dani, on her second Wheelers ride put in a stellar performance, carving up the hills. Well done. Also Peter R had his touring bike out, and kept up with everyone. Looks like he is peaking just at the right time for his trip to England and touring of the Lakes District.

So another great day out with the Wheelers, a perfect way to start the weekend.

Until next week

Safe riding


Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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I don't think there is any disrespect intended when we talk about safety and issues, its not like we cant talk about it, its not personal and it has the best intentions, Infact debates can often lead to conversation about issues. I really don't understand this black is really visible thing, we often ride in fog and low light conditions.

Lights, well the fact is lights are not compulsory by law and by Australian road standards during the day, lights are helpful but not the only tool in the arsenal. Now if you want to make lights compulsory for GW rides, good luck with that. The biggest thing I like about the original GW jersey is the all yellow back, cant get much safer than that.

Thank you for all of the time and effort that you've put into this Geraint. Much appreciated. It makes me feel sad that the new kit seems to be causing dissention amongst such a lovely group of people. Since joining the Wheelers I have learnt so much and ridden places I never thought I would. I always feel supported and love each ride. I don't think it matters what our kit looks like, as long as we are visible and comfortable. Happy and safe riding everyone

It looks fantastic Fred. Kudos to all those who contributed ideas towards the design!

Thanks everyone did put a lot of work into them, but they certainly wouldn't look like the above if it wasn't for the encouragement and helpful input from Gawler Wheeler members and also with the valuable comments and experience of the committee members new and old. 

The committee members were honest with what they liked and didn't this gave me a clear path to follow.

So thanks to all.

Great improvement on earlier designs and will look impressive on the road. Well done Fred!

long as we can still buy the old retro g w style

Both will be available Paul

Jersey and kit looks pretty fine to me. Kudos for putting the time and effort into it.


On a good day like yesterday, nothing beats a ride where everyone took to heart the most important thing of all... safety. From the get go, the group callouts for car and road hazards were plenty. All 3 puncture events ( Nick, Mark and Sue) saw people staying back to help -- thanks to the band of merry helping men Kevin, Colin and Dave.

At all times the new members had people ride with them to ensure they are not alone, don't get lost and are safe.

There was an instance in One Tree Hill when Colin and I were verbally abused by a man driving a Toyota Prado. He was angry because he did not have enough space to give us a 1 metre gap while we were in a designated bike lane! We let him be knowing and wishing someday somehow the man will be better informed in future.

Have a good weekend to all.

Was good riding with you AJ and I think our team effort in helping Nick change his tyre was great. Was also good practice for my flat I had on Grand Junction road today lol.

Good safety report but sad to hear about the Prado driver in OTH, some people just have no patience or just don't know how to share the road.
Thanks Kevin you are a good man.
Just one observation. It's was said that the new design would be brighter and easier to see. But all I see is more black.


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