The day began with a bit of a chill, and the promise of some north easterly winds. So we knew we would have a favourable wind on the outward bound leg, but some grinding winds on the way back. Well it was a flat ride, so a bit of a bit of a challenge never hurts you, (much).

Again we had strong numbers, with 43 riders out. We had two options, a return trip on the SOB, or a run out to Virginia, then a loop around Edinburgh, for a 63 K run. In the end every one choose to do the Virginia loop, and when we got back to the SOB, decide whether to do the long loop or loop straight back to Gawler. It proved to be a very popular ride.

There was a bit of a strange start though, with one rider just turning up as we were leaving. He said he would catch up, and after a bit of a wait at the start of the SOB, Dave decided to go back and find him. Unfortunately he couldn’t be found. Dave eventually caught up with us at Virginia, but commented that we must have been hooting along as he was having a devil of a time to catch up with us.

And here are a few pictures from Virginia.

After leaving Virginia, we all took it very cautiously along Penfield Road. This is one with a lot of pot holes, patches of gravel, plus there was a bit of traffic to deal with. Once we hit the SOB about eight chose to return straight home. They had a good run of it, although the wind kept every one honest. Luckily this route returns via Angle Vale Road, so less time batting away in to the wind. Thanks to Mic for being the TEC for that loop.

A large group headed off for their loop and kept up a steady pace. When we eventually reached the SOB again at Petherton Road gate, the wind really had built up. So it was a matter of getting in to groups and taking turns out front, which everyone was able to do. Plus with the return run including Angle Vale road, we were all back at the bakery in very slick time. Well done to everyone, it was good solid riding.

The day was essentially without incident, although Keith did pick up the inconvenience award for the day. Just before he was ready to head off home ( with a tail wind), he noticed he had a flat. At least it didn’t go flat out on the road, if it had,  the award would have been elevated to the hard luck award for the day.

We also had an opportunity to wish four of our Gawler Wheelers family well, who are off to Hawaii for the Ironman event. They have all been training extremely hard over the last 20 months or so. Putting  in the big Ks on the bike, huge distances on the water, and pounding out the runs. Your commitment and application has been a true inspiration. Hopefully we will be able to keep up to date of your event, which we all are confident you will do very well in.

Below are three of the four, Karen, Alistair and Andrea. Unfortunately Jane wasn’t able to ride this morning as she was off doing a 75 K bike ride and a 10 k run. Well done Jane.

So Karen, Alistair, Andrea and Jane, we all wish you a great adventure and success in the race

So until next week

Safe riding


Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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Next Saturday's rides

       This may cause all sorts of issues, but I just can not help myself, it is our route 4 Freeling ride in reverse! 

Safety Report!

No real issues! Please add your own observations so we can all improve...

My own reflections of the ride is in bunch riding the importance of slowing and stopping calls these were used well but I think I could still improve a fair bit. Sometimes on the road our small groups can suddenly become large so be aware that a number of riders can be behind you and silent. Happened to me twice on way back so keep your awareness up. Important to talk to front riders to let them know you are behind them and plus the front talk back communication is the key.

In bunches important and fair to share the lead rider my thanks to Richie for slowing and then leading on windy SOB, Colin and Mark did a good job too.

Good proper stops yesterday at stop signs.

One thing I would like to add David is about being mindful of staying left and single file on busy roads. I was in a small bunch yesterday, we were all riding single file shouted out the "car back" call as there was a group in front riding side by side. They many not have heard the call but never the less should be aware of surroundings and Heaslip road is not one to be sloppy on. The riders held up several cars who we witnessed breaking as they could not pass due to on coming traffic. This is mentioned every week in the safety grief so we should all be well aware not to do it.

Thanks Linda

Yes staying left and single file on busy roads is mentioned especially on car back call and if on your own you should be hard left! Did note a rider on the Stuart O'Grady bikeway swing out into and then stay in right lane stopping a rider that was behind him about to overtake, very dangerous move.   

On pulling out to the right to overtake, my question David is, what signals do you as the rider overtaking need to make and should the rider behind you be on the right hand side of your rear wheel? I know I made a mistake by not letting the rider know behind in time that I was about to pull out to overtake, as I did the manoeuvre I noticed the rider was sitting on my rear wheel, overlapping and on my right. Hence the manoeuvre I made, caused him to brake suddenly and we nearly clipped wheels.
I continue to learn.
Still have more to learn myself. Practice makes perfect.

Should be no half wheeling. Plus never ride directly behind in case of sudden braking. Hand signal is arm behind back voice calls are on your right and passing.

Others may have some good tips as well.


GW Sat, best way to start the weekend. How lucky are we, best day weather wise of the week.

Thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Spent the majority of the ride with Purple, Pink and Kate taking in the morning and just the company. We found ourselves enjoying it so much we were very last to the Petherton re-group and so forming the TEChicks!

I was actually intending to finish the ride the same way until Mr Riggs sailed past me with a call of "get those legs moving Pocket, jump on" I though for a second and challenge excepted, why not. The worse that can happen is I get dropped (which it what I expected) As it turned out I managed to hang on from Petherton gate all the way back to the bakery and was chuffed to bits.

I sat at the back and the boys were all mindful of where I was at any given time allowing me to keep position. As I rarely ride with this caliber of riders it was fantastic to watch them work. There were 8 or so all sharing the lead (not racing) but keeping the peleton moving  and keeping the pace even and fast. There was continual talking making sure they all knew exactly what the other was doing. It was a real pleasure to be part of. A perfect example of team work so thanks boys.

Our Tr-athletes are off on their big adventure soon, wishing Andrea, Karen, Alistair and JJ a safe and eventful rip. Very much look forward to hearing all about it. What a lovely though from Paul and David to have the special little badges made as a lasting memory. 

See you all again, same place same time :)

This was my last ride before heading off to tackle a 70.3 Ironman in Hawaii next week. I was overwhelmed by the generous thought of being presented with a lovely embroidered badge. This is a huge deal for me and I wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of this wonderful group of people. I would like to thank each and every one of you, especially Karen and Al who have helped me from the time we decided to do it, trained with me and picked me up when I doubted myself. I have no doubt we will all do well.

Today's ride was all about fun and that's exactly what it was. The chick train was in fine form, it was so good to have Kate in the mix. We had quite a cruisey ride through the DSTO as Linda said and nominated ourselves as the newly formed TEChicks. When we started back on the SOB it was on. Challenges were flying around every where. Of course I tried to hang on but got spat out the back so waited for the next group to pick me up. It is so great that when your legs are spent there is always someone there to help you out. Can't stop smiling I had a great ride. See you in a couple of weeks.

Andrea you deserve all the success in the world. You have done an amazing job, mental strength is the hardest to train. That is what will get you over the line in Hawaii xxx

These rides are just getting more enjoyable. Each week we are getting new faces rock up to experience group riding. And there are quite a few members pushing themselves just that bit more and gaining the confidence to give the front groups a bit of a bash wether it be for the whole ride or just a section or two. You can always pick the ones that have given it a go because they are just bursting at the end of the ride.

Linda was one of these riders it was the last section we saw her with us, Linda knows how to ride well within a group, no jerky movements or suddenly slowing down without warning a predictable rider within the pack.

If you do find yourself one day within one of these groups be willing to take on a bit of advice it is given to help you along, it will make you and everyone within the pack safer. You will pick up a lot of very helpful hints, much quicker this way than if other riders didn’t pass on their experience.


Excellent video Fred. Much appreciated




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