A week to remember.


It’s been another great week of TDU festival, with many riding out to watch the different stages, going to the different events, and yesterday a big contingent taking on the Bupa ride.

From all accounts everyone enjoyed the Bupa challenge, although it sounded like it was a bit busy and willing at the top of Checkers. So well done everyone in that ride, too many to mention, and with our group's team name on the jersey,  everyone did the Gawler Wheelers proud.

So this morning many were, as expected, in recovery mode, or had scooted off to Willunga Hill to cheer on the race. One person who was out though,  was Craig B. He had ridden over 200km yesterday in the Bupa ride, and stumped up again this morning to take on the hilly option. Now that’s a pretty fair effort.

In the end we had 31 riders out, and two rides to choose from. The numbers were evenly divided between  the two rides.

Here is part of the group getting ready for the rides.

The hilly option was two loops around Williamstown, for a 56 km run.

The other was a flatter run out to Hamley Bridge. Initially it was meant to be 61kms, but there was a section of gravel we were not fully aware of, so  a bit of a retrace of our steps, meant it ended up being just on 70 kms. Which was fine by everyone.

We had two riders back for their second ride with the Wheelers. Brad

and David,

who both did the Hamley ride with ease.

The hills ride left first, and was straight into the climbing up Calton Road. Once everyone got warmed up, and in to a rhythm, it was pretty much clear sailing all the way round. This is a great route as it tests the legs, plus there is some flat section and some quick descents, the ingredients for a good mix.

After heading off to Hamley the other group was quickly at Templers for a regroup. From here it’s a straight  run up. The Pinery fire came through this area and you can still see the remnants of the effects , with a lots of burnt trees still on the side of the road. This has left it fairly open, so there was no place to hide all the way. We had a bit of a side wind, but nothing too much really.

At Hamley, the locals were really welcoming, and a bit surprised  to see a group of riders. Andrea in fact knew half the town, so she had a good catch up. It’s a great place to have a stop.

We then retraced  our tracks back to Templers. In this direction the side wind was now a bit of a nuisance, but not too unpleasant.

From Templers to Wasleys we had a tail wind and essentially a down hill run. This is where we all let loose, and before too long we were all at Wasleys. The run across this section is always a lot of fun.

The run back to Gawler was pretty uneventful, with small groups forming and sharing the effort out front. In particular Keith was riding strongly out front, as was Andrea.

It was great to see Paula out again. This turned out to be the longest ride she had done, which she did with aplomb.

Caren was also on fire, as she did a lot of work out front, well done

We also had one new rider out Ben.

Ben is relatively new to road riding, as he does a fair bit of track work. He was fine, and enjoyed the open flat ride.

So another great morning out with the Wheelers, tearing up the ks.

Until next week

Stay safe


Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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What a beautiful morning for a ride with GW crew!!

While there was a smaller group than normal it was still a great time out on the bike. I decided to do the Williamstown and Lyndoch route to help with clearing the legs after doing 270km, including the BUPA ride, the day before. Led by Geraint we cruised out with some climbing up Calton Rd and then Balmoral and then up Yetti Rd. This got us warmed up for the rest out the route and if it didn't then the headwind on the way out to Williamstown certainly did. The run out to Lyndoch the first time was really quick with a group of 8 joining forces and smashing it out. Simon Sherriff and Rob Knight joined the crew after a little sleep in (well deserved after doing the BUPA ride as well) and they helped out with supporting the group on the loop of Pimpala Rd and then back to Lyndoch. Then after a well deserved stop in Lyndoch, a tailwind pushing us, the freight train hooked up and away we went a quick pace to Gawler and some rehydration and eats at The Exchange Hotel. It is a great new hub for the GW crew.

A special mention to Simon Sherriff who lead much of the ride when he caught us and helped me with taking slightly longer turns on the front. It was a pleasure riding with you Simon and looking forward to the next time. Great to see you getting so much stronger on the bike, keep up the great work.

After some well deserved rest and great conversation it was time to go, however, before I left I was handed a bottle of wine as a prize. Thank you very much for this, will be drunk soon. It was great fun riding the next 25km home with a bottle of white in my drink cage, I am sure I got some funny looks along the way home.

After 270km the day before it was the perfect recovery ride for the legs (the total distance for me was 100km). The route was a good one with a mixture of climbing and downhill to keep everyone moving along nicely. The fellowship, chats and banter with the group was awesome as always and made the ride even more enjoyable as my legs were trying to work out if it was really a recovery ride. I look forward to doing it all again in a fortnights time.

Well done to Simon and Rob who backed up after completing the BUPA with me on Friday. Also top job to Jarrod who had done two 140km rides the previous two days and then came out and held his own on the front at different stages.

Great report of the ride Craig.

As Tash said back at the HQ we reckon 400ks under your belt next time, this way should even up the riding a bit.

The Exchange has worked out really well for a chat after the ride many enjoying the coffee and the bacon rolls are getting a good wrap.

A rare no show!

Not often I miss a GW Saturday but what a big week of cycling Adelaide has had.  Huge well done to those who took part in the bupa challenge on Friday.  GW riders were out in force showing the cycling community how its done. 

With the Willunga Hill pretty much deciding the TDU winner it was off too Mclaren Vale to soak up the atmosphere. We found a lovely cafe and set up camp on the main st to watch 3 laps through the town and were able to watch the climb too the finish on the TV. 

Well done to those who put their bums back on the saddle after Fridays efforts.

Great vid Fred. Always great to watch the ride if you didn't ride. Very much appreciated.

See you all Saturday for more pedaling fun.

 Thanks  for posting Fred,Love it, really great to see Michelle out with the group again showing us her skills. For any ladies looking for advice Michelle is a great go to person. Her racing knowledge is vast and very supportive of women's cycling.

Top day out, after leaving Gawler Masa soon took the lead with me pushing to stay with him. He would pull away then realise I couldn't keep up so he would back off until I caught him again. It was as if he was toying with me but it encouraged me to work hard.
The wind played a role making certain sections hard work with others being a blast. This scenario continued to Hamley Bridge and back to Templers
It was a fast run from Templers to Wasleys with everyone in good spirits at the regroup. When we took off again I found myself towards the back of the group, by the time I got to the front Masa was a long way ahead and he kept the pedal down with me getting further behind until he was out of site. As a result the last stretch was a solo effort. Trying (and failing) to keep with Masa plus the last solo section ment the site of the pub car park was a relief.
A very satisfying ride even though I was stuffed at the end.

Sounds like you had a terrific ride Keith. Would be a mean feat hanging on to Massa, he is a little fire fly on the bike. Jusst great to see you enjoying your riding again.

Thanks Linda but it wasn't me keeping up with Masa it was him slowing down to let me think I could keep up lol


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