In and around the Barossa.

It looked a bit bleak first thing when 13 riders turned up to Lyndoch for a ride. For many, the early morning showers were more than enough to leave the bike in the shed. Although the roads were a bit wet it only looked like drizzle, or possible passing showers, so up for a ride.

There were two rides on offer. The shorter ride was up to Tanunda, then out to Greenock. 55 ks and 578 m of climbing

The longer ride was a lot more challenging,  heading first to Tanunda, across to Angaston then Moculta. From there a decent section of unsealed road to Keyenton before heading back to Angaston and making their way back to Lyndoch. 81 kms and 842 m of climbing

Here is the group, getting ready for the ride and safety brief.

The longer ride, with four, headed off first. They made good time to Tanunda, but unfortunately one rider wasn’t feeling the best, so they turned around, with the others continuing on through to Angaston.

The weather was ok with a few light showers and no wind to speak of so this made the riding quite pleasant. From Angaston it was a quick run out to Moculta with rolling green hills to enjoy.

Between Moculta and Keyneton the ride took on a new element with the road surface being unsealed. In the end though it was fine, as recent rains has settled any dust and the surface was relatively solid, so the group made very good time across this section.

Here is Scott, Simon and Ian at the start of the section

And when they reached Keyneton, with the bikes covered in muck.

From Keyneton there was a straight run back to Angaston. This a great section of road as it undulates, there are some great views and as you get closer to Angaston there are a  number of horse properties that are picture perfect.

By this time the rain had settled in, plus the wind was getting up,  so the only option was to put their heads down and slog it all the way back, through the puddles,  to Lyndoch. In the end they rolled in not much after the shorter ride, so some solid riding.

In particular, Scott set the pace out front drawing the other two along.

 One lucky  break for the day was Ian’s tyre. It looked like he picked up some damage along the way, with a split across it plus some embedded wore. Ian was not aware of the problem and only noticed it when he was looking at some photos after the ride. So luckily it didn’t get any worse.

Also a big thanks to Simon for taking on the role as ride captain. It was a new route that no one in the group had ridden before.  Given the weather, he also kept the ride rolling along with minimal short stops so they didn’t cool down too much, which can a  problem on day like today.

The shorter ride headed off with the remaining eight riders. As they left Lyndoch the drizzle settled in, and by the time they reached Tanunda it was getting heavier.

Here is the group enjoying some shelter.

Once they got going again the drizzle has eased and they were into some wonderful countryside.

Wayne enjoying the ride.

Matt on his reto bike.

Kate churning up the Ks.

One of the wonderful features of this ride is the avenue of date palms are you ride through from Marananga to Seppeltsfield.

Here are Linda and Andrea amongst the palms

And the wonderful views you get to enjoy.

Just as the group rode through Seppeltsfield the sun boke though and offered a little bit of warmth.

At Greenock, there was a chance to refuel and catch a few rays before heading back.

The return trip was a lot of fun, although as the group reached Tanunda there was a heavy shower so they decided to not stop but continue straight on.
This proved to be the most tricky part of the ride, as being the Barossa Gourmet  weekend there were a lot extra cars and people around. The heavy shower had caused the stormwater system to overflow in places, with water flowing across the road plus big puddles forming.  Everyone took it extremely cautiously, especially through the sections where there was a combination of a sweeping bend and water flowing across it.

Once out of Tanunda it was an open road again, and with the shower easing up, it was a straight run back to Lyndoch.
Thanks to Linda for taking on the role of TEC, she did a great job ensuring everyone was supported, and had plenty of jelly snakes to dole out at all the regroups.

 Also at Lyndoch the group was able to see some fantastic vintage and collectable cars that were out for the day as part of group runs. The rides finished just as the traffic started to build up, so great timing.

Back at the Exchange everyone was quick to get a nice hot drink and congregate around the heaters.  Everyone was buoyed by the experience and glad they had made the effort to get out in the fresh air, get a ride in and see some great countryside, albeit with a few extra challenges which everyone took in their stride.

Until next week

Stay safe



Paul K.


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