Loop de- loop.

With the date ticking over to the 1st of June, it was time to gear up for Winter. As people started to roll in, the conversation was round how much to wear to keep out the chill. Interestingly though, it was warmer than expected, so no need to pull out all the winter options just yet.

There were three options on again, but in the end everyone decided to take on the one ride which was a climb up Kentish Road, along the Gawler One Tree Hill Road (GOTHR), before a regroup at One Tree Hill. From there a loop down Cornishmen Hill Road and Tyeka Drive and then a quick run down Yorktown Road before climbing up again via Medlow Road and the back to Gawler. All up a 50 km ride and over 700 m of climbing. A nice compact ride, with plenty on offer.

Leaving Gawler was a bit of a ‘round the mulberry bush’ affair as there is some major road works we needed to miss. In fact we had to redesign the route a few times as there had been a dog attack on a rider a week or so ago so we changed the route to miss out that road. Thanks to Simon for keeping on top of the changes and lead the way.

The first climb was up Kentish Road and straight into a steep section, but once you got over that there are a few smaller rises to get over, but nothing too vicious.

Once everyone was up, it was a quick run down to the Humbug Scrub roundabout.

From there it was a short climb up Cross Hill Road and a regroup at One Tree Hill.

The next section was essentially a quick run down Yorktown Road and across to Craigmore Road. Here is Kevin, Mic, Richie and Ian.

Initially the route then took us up Craigmore Road, the top section of Medlow Road and then back home on the GOTHR, but this section of Craigmore was where the dog attack took place and as we weren’t sure if it was still a problem decided on a different route. To get around this, the group turned down Craigmore Road and regrouped at Bentley Road, to cut across to the Medlow Road. As this was a new route for most people there was a regroup, so no one got lost.

Here is the regroup, with Simon in the background, ensuring every found the turn.

From there it was across to Medlow Road and climbing again.

Cindy leading the charge up the hill.

For many this was the first time up Medlow, which can get really steep in sections. So for most it was a good old fashioned ‘concentrating just past your front wheel and grind it out’ affair. All good.

Here are a few reaching the top of the first section which is the steepest.

Kate, relishing the climb.

Peter, puting out a few watts.

Mike, no problems.

Once over this section, there were some smaller climbs, but again nothing too severe. From the top of Medlow Road it was essentially downhill all the way back to Gawler, with everyone back at the Exchange Hotel at around 10ish.

So a great ride, with no mechanicals , some challenging climbing, and fun downhill sections, all in all a lot of fun.

A big thanks to Haydn for taking on the role of TEC, and providing great support.

Back at the Exchange Hotel we had our weekly recognition awards.

This week we recognised Peter and Mike from a fortnight ago when we rode out to Keyneton from Lyndoch when we had some terrible mechanical problems. Peter was TEC and provided a lot of help and Mike helped with a rear derailleur problem. So thanks for providing the support that helps to keep everyone rolling along.

Across the day we also saw some pretty special individual efforts.

Firstly Cindy did a great job climbing. She’s just recently come back to riding and coming out with the Wheelers. She’s getting her climbing legs back and did a great job tackling the climbing.

Jon also put in a big effort. Given that the ride toady was 50 kms, he decided to double up. He got to the carpark at around 6am and headed off on the SOB to put in 30 kms. Close to the end of the ride he went out again to the SOB to clock up an extra 20ks, to get in 100ks. Well done Jon.

So another great day out with the Wheelers. Although a short distance, it packed in a fair bit and one that everyone will be looking forward to doing again

Until next week

Stay safe



Paul K

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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Great report Paul. It was in all a really great day. Short and sweet with a bit of everything.

First time up Medlow for me so was happy with that.

Hi Linda, yes it was great getting up Medlow for the first time. It was a climb I was keen to do, so now done.


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