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It was another beautiful morning for a ride. We originally had three rides on offer, but in the end out of the 32 riders out,  it was decided just to do two rides. Both went out to Two Wells with one group looping off to Virginia for a 56 K ride, while the other group took in Mallala for 76 Ks.

The ride out to Two Wells was again a great run with a favourable tail wind. Everyone got into well sized groups to share the load, and before we all knew it we were at Two Wells, for a refuel and stretch.

Also we had a very welcomed visit by Colin.

 Colin was a bit off colour with a cold, so decided not to ride. But he came equipped with his camera, and was able to take some choice shots around the route, which I am sure will be posted as part of this report.

Many people waited till this stop to decide on which loop to do. In the end the bulk of the numbers choose to do the Virginia loop . This group had a great time of it without any incidents and was back at the bakery in good time.

The group that went on to Mallala split up into two bunches. A moderate group and a fast group, that took off first. Both groups put in very solid efforts on the next leg to Mallala, with the moderate group being able to catch up with the quicker group as they were having a recovery break

The final leg back to Gawler is always a bit of a grind. There are a few Ks to cover, plus with a head wind today, it really kept you honest. The faster group was able to get into a great rhythm with everyone taking quick turns to keep the train moving along. This worked a treat with them quickly knocking off the distance.

The moderate group also worked well together, although the wind picked up a bit near the end of Redbanks Road, probably a three goal wind.

As a bit of a twist to the ride, Andrea, Karen and Al, were using the ride out to Mallala  as preparation for the big event, in seven weeks, in Hawaii, the Kona Triathlon. So they didn’t do the stops, but kept going. Plus Karen and Al got off their bikes at the end and did a 5 K run. So for all those off to Kona, it’s ramping up from here.

Interestingly the moderate group caught sight of Andrea just after the Redbanks turnoff. They had a short break, but didn’t catch sight of her again, as she powered on.

We had one new rider out today, Tim.

Tim has done a fair bit of mountain biking ,and has recently taken on road riding. He commutes to work regularly, so is fairly bike fit. He took it fairly easy out to Mallala, and then joined in with the faster group. He held his own, even taking turns leading. He had a good time and will be out again when he can.

 So another great day out with the Wheelers, and we all hope those taking on the Grand Slam ride tomorrow enjoy the ride.

Until next week.


Safe riding



Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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Thanks Colin and Geraint for the extra photos of us on the road or bike path. The photos are great.

Really enjoyed the ride which saw us mainly riding in groups good for safety and comfortable cycling. The weather was certainly kind to the Virgina riders. Rode home with in the end Brett and Paul and unfortunately dropped them with out knowing in last few kms. Brett you rode well for your first ride in 6 weeks. Scott did well and many thanks to Norm for shepherding the happiest Apple eater I know home.

I agree with Colin can't wait to see this jersey and again huge thanks to Geraint it's a big job to get it together.

You weren't paying attention - I didn't have an apple this week.

Great photos Colin and Fred, always nice to see the riders in action.

I was happy to switch from "Plan A" to "Plan B" when I realised there was not really a group for the SOB. Two Wells/Virginia is more fun.

Thanks to Norm for being happy to ride at my pace to enjoy the scenery, as my speed dropped noticeably from about Lewiston on the way out, I guess that's an indication of how far my fitness goes at the moment.

Thanks Colin for the photos - especially for waiting round for the last pair at Angle Vale Road.

Safety addendum - The view from near the back on Farrow Road (the left turn after the railway crossing) showed bikes across the entire lane. It looked messy, but there were no cars around, and I'm sure a call of "car back" would have tidied it up quickly. It's just something to be aware of, as we were strictly in single file on Jack Cooper Drive a few minutes later

With the possible exception of a couple of cars on Jack Cooper Drive (they passed me with space, but looked like they got closer to bikes further round the bend), all of the motor traffic showed respect with good passing, and we did our best to make it easy for them too.

Looks like it was another fantastic GW Saturday.

We were unfortunately relaxing in Pt Douglas, life is truly cruel sometimes. Among other activities we did manage to find some awesome heavy slightly maintained Mountain bikes to hire. Did a very leisurely 33km taking in the local sights.

We were first back to the bakery on our ride, while sampling the local fair a family was staring at us and then commented on our jersey with the daughter asking if we had ridden up lol. They do have a big cycling event on next Friday. Turned out it was a work college of Haydn's from years ago. Small world.


Linda and Haydon, nice to see you flying the GW Flag up in QLD. What else have you been getting up to there??? (Keep it clean!).

GW goes every where Frank!

Managed a full day sailing out too the reef with snorkeling. Had a lovely train trip up to Kuranda returning by sky train. Beautiful location but we are so very spoiled here in Adelaide for cycling. Could not do what we do here up there.

Recovery swim after the ride, pic below!

Hmm...that is my sort of "recovery"...no wonder Batman has such a big smile!


LoL. I don't think it's scotch Frank!

Great pics Fred and Colin.  Would have dressed up if I'd known.  Normally the camera adds 10lbs so can Fred and Colin check their lens 'cause I looked a little overweight in one photo.  PS. to Dave and Paul. Can you please arrange for a swimming pool and pina colada after each ride??  Mark F

Great suggestion Mark! I loved Pina Colada's in my younger days...(photo below).




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