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It was another beautiful morning for a ride. We originally had three rides on offer, but in the end out of the 32 riders out,  it was decided just to do two rides. Both went out to Two Wells with one group looping off to Virginia for a 56 K ride, while the other group took in Mallala for 76 Ks.

The ride out to Two Wells was again a great run with a favourable tail wind. Everyone got into well sized groups to share the load, and before we all knew it we were at Two Wells, for a refuel and stretch.

Also we had a very welcomed visit by Colin.

 Colin was a bit off colour with a cold, so decided not to ride. But he came equipped with his camera, and was able to take some choice shots around the route, which I am sure will be posted as part of this report.

Many people waited till this stop to decide on which loop to do. In the end the bulk of the numbers choose to do the Virginia loop . This group had a great time of it without any incidents and was back at the bakery in good time.

The group that went on to Mallala split up into two bunches. A moderate group and a fast group, that took off first. Both groups put in very solid efforts on the next leg to Mallala, with the moderate group being able to catch up with the quicker group as they were having a recovery break

The final leg back to Gawler is always a bit of a grind. There are a few Ks to cover, plus with a head wind today, it really kept you honest. The faster group was able to get into a great rhythm with everyone taking quick turns to keep the train moving along. This worked a treat with them quickly knocking off the distance.

The moderate group also worked well together, although the wind picked up a bit near the end of Redbanks Road, probably a three goal wind.

As a bit of a twist to the ride, Andrea, Karen and Al, were using the ride out to Mallala  as preparation for the big event, in seven weeks, in Hawaii, the Kona Triathlon. So they didn’t do the stops, but kept going. Plus Karen and Al got off their bikes at the end and did a 5 K run. So for all those off to Kona, it’s ramping up from here.

Interestingly the moderate group caught sight of Andrea just after the Redbanks turnoff. They had a short break, but didn’t catch sight of her again, as she powered on.

We had one new rider out today, Tim.

Tim has done a fair bit of mountain biking ,and has recently taken on road riding. He commutes to work regularly, so is fairly bike fit. He took it fairly easy out to Mallala, and then joined in with the faster group. He held his own, even taking turns leading. He had a good time and will be out again when he can.

 So another great day out with the Wheelers, and we all hope those taking on the Grand Slam ride tomorrow enjoy the ride.

Until next week.


Safe riding



Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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Al and I stopped for a toilet break at Mallala but apart from that no we didnt stop anywhere else. Felt bad for Andrea because I thought she was joining the rest of the group at Two Wells when we rode through but she pushed on on her own, such a trooper.

Great Photos Colin. Well done.

Hi Colin. Many many thanks for all of the photos...Wonderful. Couple of questions if I may: (1) can you please expand on your comments re the rear lights and (2) just out of interest what made you decide to come out and take the photos??



From a drivers point of view riders blend in with the background and hard to see. These roads are 100kmph so cars & truck are coming up fast. We need our tail lights to be on there strongest setting. When I was in front I could see your head light for miles.

What a perfect day for the ride. While a smaller number of riders overall, the feedback was all groups worked well supporting each other and working together. The feedback from both rides was all good with the communication and no incidents. So well done to all riders for their efforts over the whole ride, it makes things even more enjoyable for all.
Two things to think about is where you can is to call 'truck back' when there is a truck coming. At the speeds that they travel in places the areo turbulence can effect the riders, and I know that it cerainly helped the front group when that was called out. It meant you were more prepared and moved over just that little more.
The second is keep the communication going at all times. This means that all riders are aware of what is taking place, the pace to ride at, traffic and road issues. This is paramount for everyone's safety. It has been something that i have noticed improving over the year. Keep up the great work.
I had mentioned previously about sharing the workload at the front, this was fantastic in the faster group. It meant the speed could be more constant and enabling the right balance between working at the front and recovering.
Thanks Craig

Sound points I often yell out the truck back call and very big truck call for same reasons.

Yep keeping the calls going is important from the Leed rider back it can near the end of a ride be something that drops off but it's when it's the most important as your tired and traffic is building.

Groups worked well on this ride and looked after each other summed up this ride, well done all.

Craig, thanks for the RIDE SAFETY REPORT. The point re the trucks was something new that has not been raised before. Well done...


What a beautiful morning for a ride. Mr Energiser was looking forward to catching up with mates and working in a group. The ride out to Two Wells was not quite as quick as some past tours have been, but fast enough to have a high pace and everyone sharing the workload at the front. Enjoyed working with Jarrod, Simon and Masa all the way out to Two Wells. After a brief chat and stretch back onto the bike for the next part out to Mallala. Fred joined the group for this part and was a powerhouse out front. Again maintaining a good pace out to Mallala to find out that we had a slight tailwind....which would mean a headwind on the long trek back to Gawler. After having a chat, and learning Masa had been using just the smaller cog, we set off to Gawler. Masa challenged himself and moved on the big cog and did a great job in the group. The group was joined by the new guy Tim who also did a great job with us sharing his time in the front....great working with you Tim. Each recovery after the ride at the front was well deserved with the constant challenge of the headwind. We arrived back at the bakery just after 10:30, for a well deserved coffee and cake. It was a quick trip this time round with travelling the route in just on 3 hours. Kudos goes to Simon, Masa, Jarrod, Fred and Tim who just great to work with all day, each sharing the load and keeping each other encouraged. I look forward to riding with you in a couple of weeks. Riding with these guys sums up why I enjoy riding with the Gawler Wheelers group commaradery, fellowship and sharing the passion of riding.
To Batman, enjoy the time on beach and warmth of Queensland, Mr Energiser looks forward to our next ride in a couple of weeks after much of time away with liquid refreshment and body refreshment. You were missed today but even a superhero needs some time to put up the cape.
How did Mr Energiser power on so well with only a few hours recharge from a late night out?
Well that is a secret that only Mr Energiser knows......and I don't drink coffee or tea. Partly is the buzz of going for ride, something that I look forward to every couple of Saturday's as well as when I get the chance at other times.

Didn't get to ride this weekend but was great to read all about it. 

Thanks for the reports and pics guys.

Looking forward to seeing you next week.


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