It’s days like today.


It’s days like today that make cycling so much fun.

Great weather, great challenges and a great bunch.

Again we had good number out, with 53 riders in total, with three rides on offer.

The run along the SOB for a 53 km run, a loop around Williamstown for a 46 km run and the longer ride, up and down to Kersbrook, for a 60km spin.

There were seven riders that took on the SOB. They rode as a tight group, that proved to be an advantage, especially when riding back in to the wind and sharing the lead. Matt in particular, who is in the centre of  the following photo, was given extra assistance, as he is doing a 300 km Audax tomorrow. I hope all goes well for the ride Matt. All good riding.

Also the SOB was being ‘buzzed’ by Andrea, Karen and Alistair as they ramp up their training for the Kona Triathlon in Hawaii . They were all on their tri-bikes setting some fast runs. After they did the ride, they got off their bikes for a run.

We also had a special visitor out today on the middle ride, Dave from Maryland in the USA, where he can crank out over 200kms per week. He was here for a conference, and had hired a bike so he could get in some rides. Scott was also at the conference and when by chance the conversation turned to cycling it was planned that Dave would come out with us today. A serendipitous encounter.   Dave rode very well and he even spotted a kangaroo.

Here is Scott with Dave.

The group on the middle ride had  great time. We were all up Calton without too much ado, and then Yettie. This is a great hill, as once you get over the first steepest bit, you are fine. Here are some just finishing off the climb.

Jane, just kept smashing the hills. She is also doing the Kona event, so was putting in valuable Ks.

Peter, doing it easy

Paul, just keeps motoring

Glen, absolutely laughing

And Paul, putting in the big ones.

All in all it was a happy crew at our main regroup at Williamstown.

The return trip firstly across to Lyndoch was a lot of fun. The next leg was fine until we passed Sandy Creek as a side wind blew up. But by that time, it’s essentially downhill and pretty soon we were all back at the bakery.

What was great for this ride was it was the first time Kate, Dave (obviously) and Brad had ridden up Yettie. In particular they rode up together, with Kate leading the way. Well done the Kate crew.

The longer ride also had  a great time of it. Everyone rode strongly, especially from Kersbrook to Williamstown were the undulations are a lot of fun. The final leg was also influenced by a strong cross wind, although everyone coped well, and it wasn’t too long before they came streaming in to the bakery. In fact there was not much of a gap between the lead riders and the main group. Every one rode very well and there were a lot of happy people enjoying the run and challenge. Again well done everyone.

Dave has posted some information about an upcoming  Bike SA safety session. If you can attend, that would be good. Also on safety, we need to make sure we follow all the road rules all the time. In particular work zone speed limits and stop signs, to mention a few.

Next week it will be a flat ride, plus it will be the last  opportunity as a group,  to wish Andrea, Jane, Karen and Alistair all the best as they head off for the Kona event. It sounds like a great adventure.

There is nothing better than days like today when you’re on your bike.

Until next week

Say safe


Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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Are we blessed or what? stunning countryside to ride through the best weather you could ask for then throw in a few hills with some undulations and a great group of riders all out to enjoy themselves throwing in a bit of banter and you have the perfect ride.

As seems to be the trend with myself at the moment I am riding with a number of members that are  towards the front and some of the tail enders. Everyone seems to be improving so much and are loving their time out with the Wheelers.

Fred, great footage and editing. And the music just matched perfectly.

Looks like I missed another great GWers ride. zzzz

Me too. I hate working Saturday's

Good old Kersbrook - Williamstown loop would have to be one of my favourite rides. Had a busy day Saturday so missed this one, only got out for a 1 hour, 30km solo session. Looks like everyone had a fun ride as usual though.

Love it Fred, Huge thanks, I know how long this takes.

Great footage and soundtrack. Looks like heaps of fun!

Thanks Fred

Nice work Fred. Like your work

Awesome video Fred. Thanks

Hi Fred.  I was just looking at the kit website.  Ive got 2 questions.

In the jersey section, there are several different 'names' for different jerseys.  I couldn't find anything that related to what the names mean (im guessing its the material) but can you tell me what the differences are between them (apart from the cost)? 

is there a sizing chart?

(my apologies if Ive missed something somewhere on their website as im not real good with computers :-( ).

Hi Peter, 

It is a bit tricky to work out but if you go on to the champion web site there is information there. Can't remember but think there might also be a size chart.


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