Back in the groove.

Over the last few weekends the weather hasn’t been the best. There was some windy stuff and a fair bit of rain. Difficult conditions really makes you weigh up if you want to battle  through it all. For some it can be a bit of a challenge. Also, many people have been a bit under the weather with colds or the flu, so this was the first opportunity for many to get back on the bike. One comment that was made a few times was how being off the bike had taken the edge off their fitness. In the end through, every one rode really well, and are now back on track for the nicer weather just around the corner.

We had three rides on offer, so plenty to choose from for the 35 who were up for a ride.

The first was a trip up to Williamstown via Lyndoch return, 43.8kms 382 m of climbing. The next was a trip up to the Warren Dam for 52 km run and 641m of climbing.
The big ride was up in the hills out to  Inglewood, for a 88 km run with 1245 m of pure climbing pleasure.

The shorter ride headed off with 5 riders, straight up Lyndoch Road. This is always a challenge, but once you get over the steepest bit, it flattens out a tad, so all good. It is then a steady climb all way to Lyndoch. The riders who took on this ride are relatively new to road riding and did a wonderful job confidently riding with the traffic, tackling the climbing, and learning new skills.  So at Lyndoch it was decided to not take in the Williamstown section and return back to Gawler.

Here is the group, Ronie, Dianne, Andrea, Mel and Donna  at Lyndoch.

 Well done and a big thanks to Andrea for leading this ride. It great to see more people getting in to cycling.

The middle ride provided plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery and some hills to climb.

To get to Lyndoch, the route went out to Cockatoo Valley and then up Pimpala Road. This is a great road as it undulates as you roll along, so it  gives you a chance to get your climbing legs warmed up. Also you go through some very nice scenery with the vegetation coming right up to the road in some places. So very pleasant in the morning.

We had our first regroup at Lyndoch, and with the sun starting to warm everything up, it was all good.
The section across to Williamstown is always fun. It’s flat for the first bit as you ride through the vines. The road then gradually starts to rise and close to Williamstown, the climbing kicks in, so you have a chance to work yourself into the effort needed.

We had a quick break at Williamstown, and then off for the big climb for the day, with everyone up for the challenge. This is a good climb to take on. The steepest bit is up front first, so once you get over that, it just a steady bit of effort to the top. Everyone just did it fine and here we all are at the turn around point.

The run back was just fine. It is always enjoyable zooming back down after a climb. Once back down it was then a run back via Yettie Road and back to Gawler.

It was a trouble-free ride, no wind to speak of, no flats and everyone stayed in a fairly tight riding group.

Thanks to Tash who was the TEC for the ride. She did a great job supporting everyone.

Here are Dianne, Deb and Tash at the end of the ride, all smiles.

Also welcome to Deb who was out for her first ride with the Wheelers. She rode very strongly and said she really enjoyed the ride, being part of the group, and will be back.

The longer ride put in a fair bit of effort and enjoyed the rewards.

The climbing started on Kentish Road, and with sections being up to 23%, you really know you’re working. They then headed off to Inglewood with some great sections to really enjoy.

Although after the last rain there was some  water across the road and some potholes to watch out for. The value of riding up in the hills, other than the challenge, is the great view. Here is the group having a quick stop with a great vista as a back backdrop.

Cycling is not all about tackling those climbs and zooming back down, it’s also about enjoying the company. To this end the group decide to have a break at Cudlee Creek. Here is the group enjoying a coffee and a bite to eat. It looks like a great addition to a ride, especially up in the hills.

It was good to see Chris out again, who has been out with the group a few times a while ago, enjoying a good selection.

The ride back took in Kersbrook, with a suggestion of taking in Checkers Hill. After a quick vote that suggestion didn’t get the nod.

The final section back through Williamstown was all good with everyone back safe and sound without any issues at all. There was no wind to speak  of the and group rode together, setting up trains when possible with everyone taking turns out front. Well done everyone.

Here is the majority of the crew, Jason, Glen, Kate, Mike, Jarrod and Alistair enjoying refreshments after the ride.

Thanks also to Mike for being ride captain.

He did a great job supporting everyone and also, before the ride, checking on the state of the roads to ensure all was ok.

The day also saw a few new bikes out for the first time.

Jarrod had his new Scott cycle cross out, which looks a treat and just the ticket

Rod also had his new bike out for the first time.

It looks a treat and really stands out, with Rod riding really strongly.

Gawler Wheeler members are always up for a ride where-ever the go. Over the last week and a bit Linda, Alistair, Karen and Haydn have been on holiday in Bali. Among their many adventures, they were able to fit in a bike ride. So to give a bit of a contrast here is two shots for comparison

It really shows how cycling can be enjoyed where-ever you are, and especially when you are traveling OS, as you can get a really good appreciation of  the country you are.

Until next week

Stay safe



Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams.

Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Until next week.

Cheers Paul K.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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What a great read Paul, well done. The common denominator in all these photos are those great big smiles.
How the Gawler Wheelers are evolving it is certainly exciting times.
Can't wait for the weekend I can ride again.

Cheers Mike, I think it's not only about the challenge of the actual ride, but also about the comradery. 


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