Good run around.

The morning looked a bit murky, but the ride was just fine.

Today we were back on the flat, with a combined SOB ride. There was the standard trip down and back for a 53 k run, and then the extra loop  around Edinburgh for a 59 k run.

We had 25 riders out, which is good. Plus many reports of people doing  the Wine, Wheels and  Whiting ride, while others were off on an Audax event. It would be good to hear how these rides went.

There had been some over-night rain and we were all conscious of the wet slippery condition.

When we got to Wingate Road  there was definitely a serious incident as a result of the rain. A vehicle had ended up in the swollen ford crossing. Luckily ( from news reports ) no one was injured.

Interestingly,  the individual road time trial, which is part of the upcoming Gawler Cycling Festival includes Wingate Road as part of the route. I am sure the river will have subsided by then.

From here the ride down to the end of the SOB was pretty well straight forward, and with little wind to speak of, a good run.

Here is the crew having a quick regroup at the end.

For the group that did the Edinburgh loop, it was fine, although we did have to watch out for potholes which over this winter seem to have grown in number and size.

Then the final section back on the SOB was windless, although we really need to be very cautious when we cross over Curtis Road now the new Bunnings has been finished. There was just a constant stream of cars on our right, and given the curve in the road and trees, you really have to take your time.

So we were all back at the bakery in good time, and it was great to soak up some of the sun that had started to shine  and have a good chat.

It was great to see Rob out again. He competes over winter with his sled dogs and from  all reports he had a successful campaign. Now the dogs can relax for the summer, while Rob spends that time  keeping fit on the bike. Here is Rob, please note Kate's magpie swooping deterrent.

We had Caren out again for a ride. Here she is sporting the same magpie deflecting kit as Kate.

Caren came out about a year ago for her first ride with the Wheelers. On that ride she took on Cornishman’s. So today, being a flatter ride,  it was a piece of cake.

Today’s hard luck award goes to Steve. He was the only one who picked up a flat. Plus he also later on , picked up a stone that lodged in his cleats, which made it difficult to clip in.  Both put him behind the eight ball and plenty of catch up footy.

Here is Steve with  Mic who helped with the puncture repair. Good stuff.


So  another great day for a ride, with a great group.

And just a reminder, the Cycling Festival is on in a fortnight, with plenty of things to choose from. It is also a great opportunity for your friends or family members who don’t normally get out on a bike to be involved in an activity. So it would be good to let them know about it. As we all know, cycling is a great lot of fun.

Until next week,

Stay safe


Paul K.


Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013

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Next week!


Not too much to report.  Good ‘car back’ and a plethora of ‘pothole’ calls.  Have our roads taken a hammering this winter??  GW was joined by big unit Ashley on the outward bound SOB leg.  Ashley is not a GW member but was training for a bike ride to Brisbane next week.  He’s fundraising for his son with motor neurone disease.  Good man good cause.  I think Ashley enjoyed our company because at the end of the SOB leg he wanted to know if anyone could join GW.  We replied that if he was crazy enough to ride to Brisbane then he was _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _GW (fill in words for your own enjoyment). Mark F   

Thanks Mark great report.

Yep please encourage new riders to drop in and check us out.

Well done to those who got out of bed. Turned out a good day for it. Was raining in the early hours so we rolled over and hit snooze. Still in holiday mode. From other posts on FB looks like those who took on other adventure, WW&W and audax all had a great ride.

Good luck to Deputy with shoulder surgery Monday. A speedy recovery and back on the bike for the nicer weather. Good to see the pot holes are now filled although a little late.

Lets hope the rain stays away for Saturday.

Thanks Linda
Yep pot holes are being fixed everywhere.

You could post a photo from your favourite spot on holiday! Hint to other riders on holidays or returned.

Even a few days away refreshes the mind. Sydney is an amazing harbor with so much to do.

We walked between 20-30 km a day so plenty of exercise. Plenty of commuters on bikes but too scary for me.

Have plenty of pic but most of them involve cocktails so will post a well behaved one. There is a Chinese garden of friendship right in Darling Harbor with a beautiful cafe where we had scones and coffee.

FYI that bright reflection that causes the need for protective eye ware is called sun and we had 5 glorious days of it. Landed just as the storm hit Adelaide and got soaked to the skin walking to the long term car park.

Loved the Chinese garden, did you do the dress up's ?

No, now I wish I had. What a top pic Keith. Definitely recommend a visit to any one visiting Sydney. 

Good for a laugh

Looking at the pic, looks like 2 good hands. When was it taken Keith?

It was around the time I first threw my leg over a bike, mid 2010 and wouldn't I like to have those two hands again.

Glad to see another successful ride. 
Unfortunately I found a crack in my bike around the bottom bracket. So no riding for me until I can get a replacement. Always love riding with this group, hopefully it won't be too long before I'm back.
Best of luck.


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