Being out and about.

Again another great day out, with 36 riders taking on the challenge across two rides.

The first ride was out to Tanunda via Gomersal Road, a loop around to Bethany, then back down to Lyndoch and Cockatoo Valley. 63 kms and 694 m of climbing.

The other ride was a bit more challenging. Taking in Williamstown, Mt Pleasant, Springton, looping back to Lyndoch and then home. 90 kms and 1008 m of climbing.

The weather  was just a treat and a welcome relief from the hot weather we had experienced the last few days.

The Tanunda crew, of 26 riders set off at a  steady pace, nothing  too excessive to start with,  just settling in to a rhythm. On the first stretch heading  north,  we were able to form in to strong pacelines, setting the tone for the day, which was great to see.

Our first regroup was just before the Sturt highway. Always good to have a stop here, and make sure everyone  is alert to the crossing, as cars are travelling at 110km,  over to Gomersal Road.

Next the longer stretch all the way to Tanunda. Again we set up pacelines, sharing the effort, so before we knew it we were in Tanunda.

Here is Craig and Ramsey going under the arch.

For some people Gomersal Road can be a bit of a grind, but with some support around you, it’s fine.

At Tanunda, time to refill our biddons and get ready for the return trip.  Three riders  had to exit here, as they needed to get back to Gawler quickly for other commitments. It was great that although they had other things on, they were able to come out for part of the ride on the day.

Enjoying the regroup

Plus to wish Brad a happy birthday with Lisa and Deb.

The next section was a loop around to Bethany before heading back to Lyndoch. This loop includes a very tricky ‘hook’ turn as you head back toward Bethany. We were all very vigilant while doing this, making sure we watched out for vehicles, from three different direction, around us.

Here are Glen, Ashley and Ian  at the turn with the bigger bunch just behind. All good

The next section back to Lyndoch and the Cockatoo Valley was all fine. We stopped quickly at Lyndoch, mainly to fill our biddons as the humidity was getting up and everyone was going through a fair bit of water.

Here is a group rolling in.

We were able to catch up with Andrea, who had opted not to do the Bethany loop, going straight through to Lyndoch,  and was riding really strongly .

Form Lyndoch, a run straight home, with everyone all back safely, with no mechanicals or problems at all. Plus there was no wind to speak of really, so a  great way to start the day and the weekend.

Thanks to Linda for being TEC. She did a great job, as usual.

Here she is with Paula, Lisa and Andrea. All good stuff.

The longer ride had 11 take on the challenge.

There was a fair bit of climbing, which they got straight in to when they hit Yettie Road and a great way to set the ride up. From there a quick stop at Williamstown and then a climb up past the Warren Dam. From there the road undulates all the way to Mt Pleasant where they found resupplies at the local bakery.

The next section takes in some beautiful scenery across to Springton before heading back home.

The crew had a great time of it, and it did turn into quite a fast ride with some quicker ones setting the pace out front, with everyone stepping up to the challenge.

There were a few mechanicals, with two chains slipping off and Phil C getting a flat. All three were sorted out quickly.

Although this turned out to be a quickish ride there is always the option to do rides like this at a more moderate pace. Just let others know, via the event page when it’s posted.

Here is a few shots from the ride.

Mike and Sam.

Stefan and Dave

One of the beautiful views 

Thanks to Kevin for taking on the role as ride captain, all good.

At the Exchange, with the cooling misters on, we had a chance to recover, plus have our weekly awards. This week they went to two relatively new riders to the group.

Firstly Mel. Mel is Deb’s sister and not only rides strongly, but is always quick to help others out. Well done Mel.

Secondly Scott. Scott is relatively new to the group and has settled in to the rhythm of the group. He is also a strong rider and always happy to take a big turn out the front  of a paceline. Good stuff.

So another great day out with the Wheelers. Although, you know each time you go out, it’s going to hurt a bit at some stage, you are up for it,  as you are always in good company, and it’s a lot of fun.

Until next week,

Stay safe



Paul K.

Also thanks to Scott N and Mark F for their photos from the rides.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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