It is with great sadness I wish to inform everyone that one of our riders this morning was involved in a fatal accident.

Our sincere condolences to Michael T's family and friends.

If you need support / counselling, please contact me and it can be organised.

Paul K.

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Our absolute heart felt condolences go out to the family and friends of Michael,-as well as fellow Gawler Wheelers. This is such a tragedy. May we all band together and ensure we are there for each other xxx to those who witnessed the crash,saw the after math or even involved may you get the support you need, Also to other GW members who weren't present. A death or injury of a fellow member is horrific and we will all grieve differently. Remember to reach out to others for support as it is ok for the answer to are you ok? to be yes, no or I don't know; as long as it is the honest answer for you. The answer may also change as the wind changes and we are all here for when or if your answer changes. From Vanessa, Phil & Tremea xxx

Sincere  condolences  to Michaels family & friends and thoughts to the other people involved in the accident, and the other riders.

Have just picked up devastating news of GW riders fatal accident. My deepest condolences to Michael, his family and friends. Also to all the GW family. Knowing GW, I know you will all take care of each other.

I was so sad to hear this on the news, thinking of his family and all of the GW family :(

My condolences to Michael's family.
We had not met, but upsetting to hear sad news of a cycling death.

Absolutely tragic for all concerned.

When we leave home on our bikes and our partners remind us to "be careful", none of us considers for a moment that we will not take care or that anything untoward may occur. Our families constantly remind us to take care out there and to watch out for ourselves, we not giving second thought to taking to the road. An incident like this highlights exactly how fragile a human life is and how quickly it can be taken away.

I can't say that I knew Michael well, but as a Gawler Wheeler he was, as others have said, part of the GW family and as a family member I was shocked and saddened to learn one of ours had lost their life.

My sincere condolences to Michael's family and my deepest sympathy to those that witnessed the incident and to those that provided assistance.

I could see from my first day with the Gawler Wheelers that this was much more than just a cycling group, and I’m sure anyone who has ever ridden with them would feel the same. Michael was a part of that, and to have one of our friends lost is heartbreaking. My most sincere condolences to Michael’s family. My best wishes and sympathies to the Gawler Wheelers, I hope you are all doing OK.

May Michael rest in peace. May his friends and family find some comfort in knowing that he was doing something that he loved. The GW group is a wonderful, warm, group made up of really special people that I am immensely grateful for having met. My heart goes out to all of you- especially to those who chose the long ride on Saturday. Please know that my prayers and heart are with you all. If there is anything else that I can do, please let me know and I will.

My deepest heartfelt condolences to Michael's family and to GWers and all the people involved after the accident. 

Michael will be missed on our rides.

Gawler Wheelers - Never ride alone.


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