I just noticed that the DPTI page for the Gawler Greenway has been updated recently (13 October). There's a new picture of the Park Terrace underpass (looks very nice) which is now open for use, with lighting to be installed by November.

The text now says

The first phase of the project will extend from the Adelaide Parklands at the North Adelaide railway station to Regency Rd. Works to improve this segment are underway and are expected to be completed in 2015.

My recollection is that it used to say Phase 1 would be to Grand Junction Road in 2014. The map and text on the parent page both show Grand Junction Road at the moment (and the map shows future extension from GJR to Salisbury then the words "To Gawler").

This is disappointing, as the section I thought most needs a safe low-traffic bikeway is between Grand Junction Road and Mawson Lakes.

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Just for reference - Tony Bazeley from PortBUG along with concerned Sals Council staff have undertaken a lobbying and liaison 'campaign' over the last couple of months to get this pumping happening AND to get some more permanent solution for this recurrent flooding problem.


It's a great improvement over riding the expressway to the Magazine Road gate, or riding the swamp path. Fast trip down to church this morning.

Tony Bazeley from PortBUG reports today on the Pt Wakefield Rd/Globe Derby Rd Underpass:

"Just like to advise that the underpass is now navigable.

One way valves have been installed to allow egress of water, and what looks like a pump as well.
The debris has been cleared out, and although some water remained when I checked, it was draining through the flap valves and only a couple of cm deep in the underpass itself.

It's now possible to ride ~ 15k  from Magazine Creek Rd to Salisbury completely off-road."

Yes, last time I rode that way I looked at the flap valve, cunningly fitted 3cm above the floor level. Oh well, it's better than it was.

I do that trip from Elizabeth to Mawson Lakes and beyond, along the Little Para bike-paths and then the Dry Creel paths quite often.
It is quite frustrating having to either ride thrugh the water there, under Port Wakefield Road underpass. And when I decide I woudl rather not, and go up onto the road to cross over Port Wakefield Road at the traffic lights, that's not easy either. There is no push button for cyclists to get a green light. So I wait a few minutes for a car to come, which hardly ever happens, and then have to dodge the traffic and go against the red light.
I was also wondering whether it might not be flooding due to rain, because I have seen the Dry Creek up high even when there has been no rain for a week before.
Was wondering whether it is just the high tide coming back up the creek?


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