I just noticed that the DPTI page for the Gawler Greenway has been updated recently (13 October). There's a new picture of the Park Terrace underpass (looks very nice) which is now open for use, with lighting to be installed by November.

The text now says

The first phase of the project will extend from the Adelaide Parklands at the North Adelaide railway station to Regency Rd. Works to improve this segment are underway and are expected to be completed in 2015.

My recollection is that it used to say Phase 1 would be to Grand Junction Road in 2014. The map and text on the parent page both show Grand Junction Road at the moment (and the map shows future extension from GJR to Salisbury then the words "To Gawler").

This is disappointing, as the section I thought most needs a safe low-traffic bikeway is between Grand Junction Road and Mawson Lakes.

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You're right, you can view the old page here: http://tinyurl.com/pasevzs

The Gawler Greenway is a long-term project to provide a cycling route from the city to the northern suburbs. The alignment typically follows the Gawler railway line.

The first phase of the project will extend from the Adelaide Parklands at the North Adelaide railway station to Grand Junction Rd. This segment is expected to be open for use by late 2014.

You'd be better off using the city <-> levels bikeway to get to Mawson Lakes though, wouldn't you? It comes down about 3km east of the rail line, but it's almost straight down from Mawson Lakes so not really a detour.

It really depends on where you want to go. City Levels bikeway isn't too bad if the destination is the east side of the city, but seems a bit out of the way for a trip to Port Adelaide or Amy's Ride for two examples.

I'm gradually discovering I've become a "real cyclist", preferring roads that have priority and not liking to stop or navigate round little bollards and fences placed in the middle of paths to stop cars or deliberately slow down bikes. I still don't like riding main roads with lots of high speed motor traffic though, especially on my own.

The path along the railway line from Kings Road to Mawson Lakes behind Parafield Airport is fine (could do with a new surface as parts have been around for a long time) but some other paths seem to be deliberately designed to be difficult on road bikes.

Elder Smith Road onwards (to South of GJR or west of South Road) seems to need Main North Road, Port Wakefield Road, Churchill Road North or Port River Expressway. All high traffic routes with disappearing bike lanes when it got "too hard" to work out how to accommodate bikes.

Mawson Lakes kind of is east of the city, though - Google Maps says it's about 29km using City Levels -> Frome -> Marino Rocks Greenway -> Marion Road to FMC (for Amy's Ride) - and 26km by car down Main North -> Park Terrace -> Port Road -> James Congdon -> South Road - an extra 10min at the most to ride on quieter streets the whole way isn't too bad IMO considering the total distance.

Churchill Road North is pretty wide though, isn't it?

Churchill Road North is reasonably wide. It has long sweeping left hand bends which I would fear make it tempting for trucks to cut in close in heavier traffic. I've used it for my (few) trips to Port Adelaide/Semaphore (connecting to Cormack Road) at low traffic times, and was my chosen north-bound route from Brooklyn Park. I'm using Mawson Lakes as a reference point for the northern extent of the section I feel has the weakest cycling support - I'm actually still 20km from home there.

I think that equating 3km difference to at most 10 minutes doesn't really account for the narrower paths and many more stops and slow points on the longer route. I haven't decided if I intend to do Amy's Ride yet, and even less if I'd ride from home for it. Thank you for a suggested route through though (noting that part of the Levels-City bikeway is on Main North Road, not all of it with separate bike lanes). I hadn't considered what might be a suitable route south of the CBD at all, as the only time I've ridden there was this year's Bupa Ride.

50km or so is a good warm up/cool down for Amy's then, haha.

I don't mean to sound like an apologist for the route - an extra 3km and messing about on foot shared paths and road crossings is definitely going to add a bit of time, but won't this be similar to the eventual greenway? I reckon the time difference between Anzac Highway and the Mike Turtur Bikeway would be significant.

Google maps seems to show some paths east of Main North Road (just south of Mawson Lakes bvd) which link into the suburbs, then over Montague Road and through the suburbs to shared path to Grand Junction Road: http://goo.gl/maps/MWflJ

Admittedly, more stuffing around but it cuts your section on MNR to about 500m with decent bike lanes if you hadn't already tried it out.

I still don't understand why you need to ride MNR to access the Levels Bikeway. I've always used Alfred St then Quinlivan Rd northwards from South Tce Pooraka to Montague Rd to align you with a paved off road path that continues all the way to the lights at Mawson Lakes Bvd.

The path next to Parafield Airport is certainly showing its age, potholes and tree roots poking through etc..it would be nice if it continued following the Gawler line on the North side of Kings rd, connecting Mawson Lakes to Salisbury City Centre and then one day up towards Elizabeth/Gawler. The segment between Kings rd(Parafield stn) and York Terrace is the only part that would need a new build path.

From York Terrace to Salisbury, the DPTI could get away with Sharrows and some signage..not too expensive leaving money for the important missing link of Mawson Lakes to Regency rd.  York Terrace is a low traffic local street so would be miles better to cycle on than Salisbury Highway.

There was once a bush path north of Kings Rd but the Catholic College fenced it off. They should be asked to give back a path's width of land for the benefit of the wider community.

Share the cost...Salisbury Council to push DPTI/State govt to allocate some funding but kick it off with some seed money...How much does it cost to build (Wild arsed guess 1km) of shared use path?

Pay? The college of course. Their lardy students might gain some enthusiasm too, seeing fit cyclists flash by. Win, win etc.

Pay?.. from the DPTi page on Greenways & Bike Boulevards...


The State Government is investing $12 million over four years towards construction.

Is it possible to put a safety fence between the railway line and the service track on the east side of the rails, then seal the service track and have it available to cyclists whenever there aren't rail maintenance vehicles there (which I assume is most of the time)? Botht eh bike path and the railway track can be owned by the State Government, so it's only funny money to work out which department "owns" it.

When I've ridden behind the airport, I've always followed the path round to the traffic lights at Cross Keys Road, continuing to Fenden Road. I admit that's usually been Saturday afternoons though so traffic conditions might be atypical.


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