Scott's ride report ......

Bright sunny skies greeted us to take on Lauries ride route . Ugg boots and ski gloves would have been nice but eventually we all warmed up . It was great to have a couple of new faces join us , Paul and Roger after seeing our rides advertised on AC . Nice flat ride until we made to Hallet Cove then the fun began , hills  . Once past Hallet Cove train station and up  lonsdale rd thankfully things leveled out until Blacks rd where the fun began again thru  Coromandel  Valley . Regrouping at Murray Hills rd Laurie assured us their wasn't too many more hills , of course we didn't believe him.  After pushing through the pain barrier we all made to Blackwood where the real fun part of the morning came . The downhill of Windy Point !

Photo's of the ride can be seen here 

Back to the nice flat from there back to the great taste of Milanos coffee.

Great ride by everyone , see you all next week for the AC winter ride

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