Standard Garmin mount, the one that extends out from handlebars, got pinched recently. Luckily I took the Garmin inside with me at the time.

I just used the other fit in the Garmin box with the rubberbands in the mean time.

Looking online and can see a K-Edge XL mounts along with many other forms of mounts.

Does anyone use the K-Edge mount? Do they go alright?
I cant see why pay more for something that does the same job as the Garmin standard hardened plastic ones at this point.

Alloy V Plastic really?

Just curious at peoples thoughts.



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K-Edge $10-15 more

I have an alloy K Edge. It's great. Better than Garmin (which I recently got) because it allows the unit to sit flush with the stem not above it as it extends out in front. It's also a much sleeker design.

The design is the first thing I noticed, for what its worth more aero too

Old K-edge were crap for killing the back mounts on your edge 500, I had to
file the sharp edges of the k-edge adaptor to make stop chewing out the plastic locking
mounts on back of my 500...was a known issue that peeps would modify themselves
with a file.

current versions have all been fixed I new...not second hand one


I have Tate Labs' Barflys on my bikes, do what they are supposed to do. The newest ones you can mount cameras to, so are much sturdier but also more expensive than the older 2.0.
Haven't seen/heard of that brand. Will look it up. Cheers
Jeepers. If it can be mounted they have it

they were keen to steal a bar mount

Crafers gourmet deli. Honestly I had to laugh. Tool bag, pump, waterbottles... No, Garmin mount.
K Edge/Barfly users is there enough room to plug in the USB charging cable to the Garmin between its plug in point and the handle bar? For long rides which require charging on the go.
My Garmin 500 on both the 2.0 and SLi can have a mini USB inserted into the back of it. The Garmin on the SLi mounts clockwise so the rubber dooverlackey usb cover gets a bit in the way though (not sure it locks in completely).

I use one of the K-Edge Garmin/GoPro combo mounts - it is solid and holds up the GoPro handily. Even when I throw on the massive after market battery so I get decent life out of the GoPro. Means one less mount on the handlebars as well, so there is a little more space after all of the mounts and lights are thrown on.


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