Well, the Garmin has been coming up with Memory full for a few weeks now.
I deleted all old rides but it still comes up. Records well Until tonight. Apparently on connection to the PC the Memory was full and this looked like the GPX files was over loaded.

I now have deleted all GPX files, How often do these need to be deleted?

Also i have had it power of a few times but not lately. Has any one else had this issue?
Also does any one update firm ware on the Garmin, i hear if it works dont update??


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Oh and as it had the Memory full, it did not recore my last ride Commute from work? SO i guess these need to be addressed regularly.  Anything else i need to know about the Garmin??? 

weird Dean, this has never happened to me as I still have the old files saved in the Garmin

I sent one back to be replaced under warranty when it started powering off for no reason during rides. It was only 3 months old. I tried the usual things to fix it myself; hard reset, drained the battery completely (that took over 18 hours!) and recharge.

I upgraded the firmware on the new one without issue.

Hey Phil,

Mine powers off of its own accord during a ride and it even stops recording the ride without warning. It's a bit maddening, its only a month or so old :( 

Cheers Martin, I will do that. 

Will a Hard Reset mean i need to re-add all my info as in Speed Sensors etc??

Its currently running 2.70  GPS 2.40
If i update the Software will a again lose all info?
And where do i go to update >>

When you delete your data, how do you do it ?

If you are deleting the data via a computer, make sure that you also delete the the recycle bin before you disconnect it from the computer.


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