Hi all can anyone tell me the best place to buy one of these computors at the right price.

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Hi Colin the best place ($ wise) is the bicycle express online store. Local store that you can go to if you have any issues. I know Trent got his there.
+1 this is we're I'm going to buy mine...

I got the Garmin 800 from Highly Tuned Athletes - great price, fast delivery and Australian warranty.

I think Highly Tuned had them on special while the TDF is on, might be worth checking. Could always by a Bryton 30 from Star Cycles

Ditto, good mob and arguably the best back up support out there, according to bogland, $329 for the cadence, HR, bundle during Le Tour

about time!

this was the reaction to the news at Noarlunga Centre this afternoon.... :)

damn it I just lost 2 hours youtubing!!

Be very careful purchasing as Garmin offer their packages in different formats...you can buy just a head unit....or with the heart strap....or with the cadent and speed sensor or all three...be wary and have understanding what comes in the package when someone offers you a good price...

Www.gpsrus.com.au $300 for the full package. No problems with returning things either. They are in qld

Ask Nathan at tailwind cycles, he should be able to match online prices.

Look for TDF specials online

@Phill, the link doesn't work.


The price has gone up since I bought mine.


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