Hi guys
I recently installed a Garmin 500 to my MTB/hybrid. Well, really a MTB that I am trying to make as close to a hybrid as I can.......

My only issue with the Garmin is with mounting the cadence magnet. My crank arm is tapered away from the peddle and on my fist ride the magnet slipped down off of the double sided tape due to the tension of the cable ties pulling the magnet down the taper.

I have today bedded the magnet in silicon (silicon on the back of the magnet and on the crank arm then put the two together) having removed the double sided tape.

The plan is to let the silicon go off then add the cable ties, using the compression and adhesion of the silicon to help hold the magnet in place.

Thoughts? Comments? Go back, wrong way? Any help appreciated. I am doing the 75Km Bupa and don't want to lose the magnet!

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Sounds like a plan. I can't see why this wouldn't work.

Get a stages/power tap power meter and you won't need that cadence thingy. It will make rides like next friday a walk in the park cos for the first time ever, you will be able to pace properly.

You are riding a 26 inch wheel bike into the head winds of Victor? Hats off Andrew!

Id use silicon, tape and zip ties. That way no doubts it will hold.

FWIW, I bought a bunch of these off ebay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/300816351401

Then put one of them on the back of my pedal spindle - it keeps itself on fairly strongly (hasn't come off, even on rough dirt), and is more powerful than the stock magnet, meaning slightly greater distance between pedal and sensor is ok.

Yes, these are the go. Have used them for six months, and never had a problem. Neods are one of the strongest magnets available.

What i have done with all my bikes is drill and tap 3mm same as the wheel magnets and with a small drip of loctite screw in never to come out.

Thanks for the replies.

Just checked the silicon and it feels good, magnet feels firmly in place. Will take Durian's tip re tape and then cable ties, cheers.

Nice to know other magnets are easily available, fixing via magnet to the end of the peddle thread is very clever, simple but clever. Will bear in mind for the future. I nearly replied asking you how you fixed the magnet, then it sunk in(just in time!)

Cheers guys.


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