After spending a lot of time restoring my Dawes, I've come to the conclusion that it fits me so badly I'll never ride it the way I intended (it's a 58 cm top tube, and I ride 53). Yes, I probably should have thought of this before restoring it, but who knew bike fit was important! :( 

Is anyone interested in buying it? Looking for around $550, or will separate & sell the frame and/or original parts only. 

Details as follows:

Frame: Dawes 531 Super Galaxy (I think). Professionally powder coated in British Racing Green. New Dawes decals. Missing the 531 decals, but I have a source for them and pics of the originals. 

Components: New Shimano Acera (8 speed) derailleur with MTB cassette & 8 speed chain. New Campagnolo Veloce shifters, New Veloce front derailleur. (Note that the pull ratio of 11 speed Campagnolo shifters matches that of old Shimano 8 speed derailleurs exactly. The shifting on this bike is really good). New seatpost & seat. Original chainset, handlebars, stem & brakes. 

Wheels: New Shimano compatible, de-stickered, with new Continental Cyclocross Race 35C tyres.

Includes a box of parts I took off it, including: Suntour derailleurs, one pedal with toe clip, original brake levers (with exposed cables & white hoods), downtube gear levers and probably some other stuff I can't remember.


  • The rear brake doesn't work very well. I'm confident this could be improved (the bridge cable needs some adjusting), but they are cantilever brakes and will never be as good as modern calipers.
  • The bidon mounting holes need cleaning and one has come loose. 
  • The campag front derailleur clamp is too big for the seat tube. I've shimmed it up to size and it works well now. I'd be pretty confident this won't cause any problems. 

There's some more information & discussion in, including pics of the frame in its original condition. 


It looks as below. I'd like to keep those pedals, but can substitute some with toeclips.  

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