There's a report going up to a Council committee on Tuesday presenting the options for Frome Street.  BISA has extracted the report from the agenda document and has put it on it's website.  (It's still about 6MB, but has pictures of the options.)

(I don't have much luck with links, but you can find a post about it on the bisa home page.)

The favoured option for the new bit, between Pirie and North Terrace, is for a "Copenhagen" style separated bike lane that's halfway between road height and footpath height, 2m wide. The kerb would be about 5cm high, so if cambered a bit you could ride quite close to it without striking your pedal.

The preferred option for the existing bit (south of Pirie) is to reduce the existing width from 2.7m to 2m, but this time still with the 10cm high kerbs, so would be effectively narrower. Probably not wide enough to overtake, so you'd be stuck behind slow cyclists.  The report tells council that the proposed design won't meet existing capacity standards for peak periods.

Probably better to stick to the road.

They also propose a shared use path for the new bit along Le Fevre Terrace.  I know the Lord Mayor already gets a lot of complaints from pedestrians and cyclists complaining about the other on shared use paths.  He's obviously a glutton for punishment, especially it is designed to be used by school kids accessing the new high school on Frome Road.

The good news is that the report is only for putting stuff out to consultation.  We've been told we'll be able to try the different options at a site in the parklands.

Does anyone know of any other council anywhere in the world that had put in and then taken out a separated bike lane twice?  I think that record of incompetence justifies the State government taking over, especially given it's the centre of the state we are talking about, and given that Council is going against the advice it has commissioned.

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New bike lanes in Copenhagen are 2.5m wide.

We want international best practise, not another bike lane that will need to be re-done in a few years time.

And they don't have 10cm kerbs, so you can use the full width.

Yup and yup. and the latest is 'conversational bike lanes' on really busy roads. Wide enough that 2 can ride side by side (and talk) and a 3rd can overtake. 

Thanks.  Is there really room for these designs for the bit of Frome between Rundle Street and Victoria Drive  ?  I guess there are wide footpaths for the Victoria Drive / North Terrace section where the current cycle path on the eastern foot path is.  The Rundle Street / North Terrace section seems thin though.

It seems to me that the suggested ‘upgrade’ of Frome Bikeway does not meet the Australian rules, let alone better Danish rules.
Separated bicycle lane needs to be 2.8m to 3.0m wide, and with different shaped kerb between cyclists and vehicles.

Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guidelines, Austroads, 2015,
Download free publication AP-G88-14
On page 38
4.4.3 Separated Bicycle Lanes
Figure 4.6 Location and typical cross-section of kerb separated bicycle lane
Clearance to kerb 1.0m + separated bicycle lane 1.8 to 2.0m + semi-mountable kerb

I can see 7 options in that 21 page document. Where do they discuss which is their preferred option?

See attachment B.

Why is it that for Treatments 3 & 4 the impact on cyclists (reduced lane width due to high kerb) is given a green bar, where the same limitation in all other treatments is orange? Either someone's trying to pull a dodgy, or someone needs to quality control the quality control.

BISA chair Fay Patterson has given a blast to the proposed new design for the existing bikeway.

I attended the Adelaide City Council committee meeting to discuss the Frome  Bikeway design options this evening.  

There were five community representations heard by the committee: Paul Johnson and Peter Lumb (residents), Jennifer Bonham and Chris Stokes (Uni Adelaide) and Fay Patterson (Bicycle Institute).  All spoke against the preferred option presented for the existing bikeway (and for the east west section).  

They seem to be have quite persuasive, as several councillors spoke against it as well and the Committee accepted an amendment that another option (Option 1) also be added to the list. (Not sure what that means.)  In any case you are free to push any option you like, including ones not identified in the consultation document.

Apparently there is a mockup of the various options at the old netball courts in Park 23 (Anzac Highway), so if you get a chance, go and try them out - preferably with someone else, so you can see what it is like to overtake.

Apparently there is a mockup of the various options at the old netball courts in Park 23 (Anzac Highway), so if you get a chance, go and try them out - preferably with someone else, so you can see what it is like to overtake.

Hey - That's really interesting, I'll certainly endeavour to check it out.


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