There's a report going up to a Council committee on Tuesday presenting the options for Frome Street.  BISA has extracted the report from the agenda document and has put it on it's website.  (It's still about 6MB, but has pictures of the options.)

(I don't have much luck with links, but you can find a post about it on the bisa home page.)

The favoured option for the new bit, between Pirie and North Terrace, is for a "Copenhagen" style separated bike lane that's halfway between road height and footpath height, 2m wide. The kerb would be about 5cm high, so if cambered a bit you could ride quite close to it without striking your pedal.

The preferred option for the existing bit (south of Pirie) is to reduce the existing width from 2.7m to 2m, but this time still with the 10cm high kerbs, so would be effectively narrower. Probably not wide enough to overtake, so you'd be stuck behind slow cyclists.  The report tells council that the proposed design won't meet existing capacity standards for peak periods.

Probably better to stick to the road.

They also propose a shared use path for the new bit along Le Fevre Terrace.  I know the Lord Mayor already gets a lot of complaints from pedestrians and cyclists complaining about the other on shared use paths.  He's obviously a glutton for punishment, especially it is designed to be used by school kids accessing the new high school on Frome Road.

The good news is that the report is only for putting stuff out to consultation.  We've been told we'll be able to try the different options at a site in the parklands.

Does anyone know of any other council anywhere in the world that had put in and then taken out a separated bike lane twice?  I think that record of incompetence justifies the State government taking over, especially given it's the centre of the state we are talking about, and given that Council is going against the advice it has commissioned.

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Regardless, 2.3m still isn't enough to safely overtake a recumbent bicycle.

Ahem, tricycle.

Peter the Indaily article Ian linked to above has some pictures. 

Good Grief, will this ever end? :(

You're welcome to raise another topic.

Ian My frustration isn't with the discussion here..its the dogmatic hatred of the bikeway by certain ACC councillors who just cant stand that they aren't getting their own way on this. Just listen to the multitude of reviews, make a decision and leave it be. FFS, the Tuesday meeting was supposed to decide the matter once and for all. How many times will ACC meet over this? Its difficult to describe my feelings towards them without dropping a tonne of swear words.

This suggests that the councillors weren't presented with diagrams, such as the ones in the article, that showed the design options that they were voting on. Or if they were, they didn't understand them.

Or maybe they're just making it up as they go along...

Who needs peak hour parking?  SA Water just block the bike lane and footpath:

Those pictures show how important multiple smooth exit/entry points are to a separated bikeway to allow cyclists to easily navigate the inevitable obstructions.

The blue van, parked across the bikeway, has signage of "Community Support. We're here to help".
Will you phone the company to point out breach of ARR and the irony?
Some businesses prefer to educate unsafe driver, rather than hassle of a crash.


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