I've been riding the improved Frome Street bikeway this week, -- Frome 2.0

and I have to say it's a big improvement. the path itself ins't much of a change (concrete instead of Bitumen) but the entry and exits are so much better.

With the previous version [Frome 1.0], I would get beeped at least once a week by left turning drivers who felt I was diving off the footpath unexpectedly. Now with the wider concrete exits it's more of a safer merge.

I'm a big enough man to admit that ACC got it right this time.  A very rare Thankyou goes to ACC

I have also noticed that cars parking on that road (especially during the no standing in peak hours) are proving to be very frustrating for motorists (as they are for cyclists when they park in the bike lane). 

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The car was empty and parked behind a white workvan which also had no driver.

I misread the sign. It goes live next week.

From London examples, they aren't perfect. Undercount groups of cyclists.

I can confirm that the bike counter counts passes on both sides of the bikeway. I saw the markings on the ground on both sides, and I have looked and checked that I have been counted as I rode past on the side the counter isn't on. Neat!

(The count was a little low yesterday due to the rain though)

Rubbish truck driver was going to turn left from behind me.  I didn't assume he had seen me or that he would give way if he had.  My instinct to stop was right.

Yikes, that's how accidents happen! That's why I like to jump the red light a little and get a head start on the traffic turning left. That, or I would move up into the pedestrian crossing area (clear of people walking, of course) to make myself really obvious.

Can understand why Paul cautiously held back near a truck.

Cyclist's death shows need for better truck blind spot technology, coroner says
Published by ABC News on 9-Dec-2015
The driver told the coronial inquest that he could not see seven metres in front of him when at the wheel of the truck.

Calls for mandate on Blind Spot Detection for heavy vehicles
Posted on Heavy Vehicles USA on 15-Nov-2017

good footage.

clearly the driver was probably more interested in seeing who was driving the other garbo truck rather than watching the road.

Report the driver to the company.

I would bet you that the truck has GPS tracking - get an approximate time stamp on it and they can id the driver. It is a big company and I reckon they take responsible driving seriously.

Was it irresponsible driving though? The sad and scary thing is that the driver probably didn't even see Paul. I guess they should have been looking though.

Maybe a red left turn arrow is needed. 

A red turn arrow would be useful.  T his was a month ago (different intersection)

Yikes, glad that one wasn't the truck :-O

Lately I have been wondering whether every pedestrian (or cyclist) crossing at an intersection should have a red left turn arrow. I can't think of any reason, other than cost, not to do it all along the Frome Street bikeway, because the light sequences are fairly long so it'd be no real inconvenience to drivers.


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