I've been riding the improved Frome Street bikeway this week, -- Frome 2.0

and I have to say it's a big improvement. the path itself ins't much of a change (concrete instead of Bitumen) but the entry and exits are so much better.

With the previous version [Frome 1.0], I would get beeped at least once a week by left turning drivers who felt I was diving off the footpath unexpectedly. Now with the wider concrete exits it's more of a safer merge.

I'm a big enough man to admit that ACC got it right this time.  A very rare Thankyou goes to ACC

I have also noticed that cars parking on that road (especially during the no standing in peak hours) are proving to be very frustrating for motorists (as they are for cyclists when they park in the bike lane). 

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It was here BJ https://www.eco-compteur.com/en/

Interactive map at the bottom left.  Doesn't seem to work for me at the moment.

Thanks Paul.  Interesting to see different worldwide counters.  I'll be trying to check counts for us over The Fringe and the Womad weekend, see if they run second to the TDU week.

Photo taken around 10 pm on 26 Feb with the counter having beaten the record of 1110 in January (got to 1207 by midnight).  A curious bunch were looking at the counter, and happy to give the thumbs up on the new record!

That's a fantastic photo.


Where is the exact location of the counter?


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