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Some of you will have seen the media coverage about the Frome Street Bikeway independent review.

You can view the full report, which will be going to committee next week, here: http://ncapps.adelaidecitycouncil.com/agendasminutes/files08/Agenda...

Indaily has also run an in-depth story on the review: http://indaily.com.au/news/2015/06/19/frome-street-bikeway-reduces-...

The Advertiser has also run a story and has included a poll: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/messenger/city/adelaide-city-councils...

Thanks, Michael.

Adelaide City Council, Social Media Adviser.

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I like the edit.

@Kasey VP Yours is the second comment in the "online" column of the Letters section of today's Advertiser, too.

Cool - I saw myself on the news ... hiding behind a tree

Ruddager, don't think any AC members spotted me. Was standing next to Yarwood when I noticed the photographer. Intentionally ducked me head, thinking another photo would be selected, but appeared a year later. http://indaily.com.au/news/2015/06/24/yarwood-weighs-in-on-bikeway-...

Good, positive story on Frome St on 7 News Adelaide with Ian Radbone, chair of the Bicycle Institute, but LOL check out the non-cyclist cyclist-can you pick it?

The guy with the backwards helmet?

An inexperienced cyclist who needs a protected bikeway? At least he got on a bike.

exactly Heather. we need more n00bs to take up cycling to continue to normalise it. Too many people like my father(born1948) just cannot see how a bicycle can be an alternative mode of transport. To him its just a tool for getting some exercise..which is how he gets   I tried to talk to him at Diner last night and his mind is too similar  to Peter Goers' for my liking:(  

This is why I'd make a terrible politician/lobbyist. I cant even convince my father of the need for a network of separated bike ways in Adelaide. To him its just a "vocal minority dictating terms to the majority again." I tried to talk to him about a balanced 1/3rd modal share, but he leapt on the Public Transport part and said that'swhere our money should be going because'everybody could use PT if it wasn't the 3rd world standard we 'enjoy here in Adelaide.

Kasey, the BUG News (which you receive) often contains info to persuade people to support cycling and infrastructure. Not saying works on die-hards.

Today will email July issue that refers to report '2015 Investment in Active Transport Survey', conducted by the Heart Foundation, and published in Jun-2015. (Yes, I forwarded to ACC elected council.)

Try telling your father that providing safe cycling infrastructure will encourage more to cycle, thus freeing up travel lanes and carparking for him. To provide excellent fast public transport requires the marking of many bus lanes, which need more space than bicycle lanes. Recall the motorist fuss when bus lanes installed in Grenfell Street.

Only a few years before your father was born, bicycles were common transport mode in Adelaide during WW2. Heard tales of large bicycle parking areas for workers. During his youth, common to cycle to school.

I always try to frame it as a question of transport choice. If people have the option of using another mode of transport, it frees up space on the road for others. Eg: imagine if just some of the cars taking children to school each morning were taken off the road.

Haha you guys.

Take his helmet off and you are looking at a human like the rest of us who is just trying get around on 2 wheels which happens to be called a bicycle. Not a n00b or an inexperienced cyclist. Once this perception changes by motorists and 'real cyclists' (what bollocks phrase that is) Australia will start to understand that humans are entitled to safe roads, proper road rules and legislation that protect the individual in the order of their vulnerability. A bit like OHSW that seem to be flourishing to a great extent in Australia but for some reason seems to near complety absent unless you are not a motorist when talking traffic.

Really? The way someone wears the mandated helmet is the determining factor for spotting an inexperienced cyclist? Let me check my odometer - on that particular bike I rode 9,000km last year and I've been riding for decades and bicycles are my main mode of transport. When I'm shitted and feeling perverse I wear the mandated helmet all rakish like - guess I'm just a n00b too.


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