Adelaide City Council is seeking feedback on the bikeway plan for Frome St between North Tce and Rundle St.

Concept plan

Feedback closes Friday 6-Dec-2019 5pm.

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Thanks for alerting us to that!

It's about time that they finished this bikeway. I have just submitted feedback in support of the plan to help it on its way.

I'm not in favour of this plan.

The hotel in the Adelaidean, the taxi pickup/drop off was supposed to be in Tavistock lane, so why are they creating a dogleg and pinch point in from of the Adelaidean to allow for dropoff/pickup from Frome?  Also this will cause issues, there is a pedestrian crossing marked, this means cyclists will be having to stop to allow hotel guests cross.

Also during the higher bike use times is also the peak times for cyclists passing also there is no "holding area" for a car exiting the hotel residents area between the bike path and the roadway, this will mean the 78 apartments with the same number of cars will be coming out in the mornings and queuing across the bike lane.

They are expecting "estimate the amended proposal would generate up to 267 vehicle movements in the morning peak and 193 movements in peak period, and respective increase of 75 trips and 37 trips. estimate the amended proposal would generate up to 267 vehicle movements in the morning peak and 193 movements in peak period, and respective increase of 75 trips and 37 trips". as per the application "SCAP Agenda Item 2.2.24 October 2018"


they have one of those crossings at the Hotel on the Eastern side and personally i dont find it a problem. the cars entering and exit is more of a problem.

If queuing across the cycleway becomes a problem, then what is the solution? Some sort of signal regulated exit system?

I just want them to hurry up and get it done. Really sick of incidents like this one, yesterday evening. The video is outright scary. He missed me by cm's. I caught up to him at the next set of lights and had a couple of words, he just looked bewildered.

Just on this, has anyone had any experience with reporting to SAPOL via the online form? I've done that with this one, just wondering if I would have been better going into a Station to report. I did call the number, but they asked that I either complete the online form or go and report in person.

I ride that way most nights and yes I've had many experiences like that. 

you can t ride far left because the pedestrian path is so close, and you cant hog the lane because cars cant see you until its too late.

I'd be interested to see how you fare with the online report. I support and appreciate SA Police very much but I was disappointed the last time I tried to report a close pass at Holden Hill. Officer told me "it doesn't look too bad" and just couldn't fathom the notion of using the known width of the gutter and assigning me about 500 mm width to determine that a truck passed me very closely in a 70kph zone which should have been 1.5 metres. If I'd passed her patrol vehicle that closely in a car, I'd expect to be done for dangerous driving, but if a car closely passes a nice soft person, then no problem. I haven't bothered reporting anything since that experience. 

I'm not that confident the online report is going to do anything. Didn't even get an auto acknowledgment. 


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