Contractors upgrading the freeway lighting system have closed the bike track on the Crafers side of the Mt Osmond intersection. It appears they do not have authority to do that, as none of the required warning signs or detours are in place. Cyclists heading downhill have no alternative but to ride against traffic in the freeway slip lane.

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Report to DPTI as an urgent hazard by phoning 1800 018 313 (24-hr).
They also have records of any approved roadworks and will act on signage (or lack of it) which does not meet the guidelines.

It has been reported Heather. However with the flood of calls they received overnight as a result of the weather, I don't expect they will give it a high priority. I did look up their various traffic management guidelines, and found only one mention of pedestrians, and none for bikes. The traffic = cars mindset is unfortunately still present.

Agree about mindset.

You could also contact Safe Work SA while there is a current worksite that has not been made safe for the public. Phone 8303 0400 or email

There are guidelines which are not always followed.

I do not have a current copy of SA Standards for Workzone Traffic Management but requires roadworks to be made safe for ALL road users. Articulates the subtle differences between AS 1742.3 and the Road Traffic Act 1961 (SA). Assists persons working on, near or adjacent to SA roads. A document copy provided with WZTM training. Can purchase for $34 via

Also Australian Standards could cover pedestrians with a disability, e.g. vision-impaired.

Does anyone know what become of this?

Google maps has removed that section the bikeway from routing.

See Dog Kennels to Mt Osmond


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