I never put much thought into the mandatory helmet law debate before but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realised it is one of the factors holding back the up-take of people riding bikes.

It’s a subtle barrier to have to buy more equipment just to ride down the road or the pavement to the shops or on the school run. It may not be as important as advocating for hard infrastructure but it is still something that gets in the way of active transport.

While I’d personally choose to wear one if I was doing a sportive ride. I object to having to wear one if I’m using a quiet route or taking the kids to the park. I want the choice to wear one and not be forced to wear a piece of polystyrene on my head in all riding conditions.

Having said that, most would be aware that there is a ‘helmet optional’ ride organised by ‘Freecyclists’ starting from Parliament House on Saturday the 17th of March at 2:30pm which will head down to Henley Beach via the Torrens Linear Park.

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Is there going to be a police escort?

They'll be the one's handing out the fines...

Dang it - I've always got work (3pm start) - I'll be there in spirit!

Just heard Sundance interviewed on 3D radio - there is a police escort.  Having the escort effectively counts as having a rolling road closure where the riders are.  A short loop to start with from Parliament House along North Terrace to Frome Road, down to the Torrens.  Those wishing to do a short ride can then stop at Elder Park, while others ride along the Torrens to Henley.


Well then go back to sleep.


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