Hi Cargo Cyclers & Bike Restorers,

I'm doing a bike shed cleanup - getting rid of lots of stuff! Including the frame and wheels and other parts for a 1920s-30s, probably British, 'Bakfiets' cargo trike. That is, a 'tadpole' trike with a transaxle, 2 wheels and large box at the front.

The whole thing was taken apart, grit blasted and then 'lost' for a couple of years in the project line-up. I'm never going to get to it so it's yours if you can collect before next Monday 15th when it goes into the hard rubbish!

It's fully lugged and brazed with what look like pre WW1 BSA frame fittings. It would be a big job for sure but it's mostly all there. Very(!) solid although the transaxle is slightly bent. Be fun to fix though!

Sam, 0478514211.

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