Roof mounted bike carriers. Free to anyone who can use them.

These were off our old car and will not fit on our new one, which is realistically too high lift a bike up comfortably anyway.

One was left on the car and is well used. The other is used but spent most of its time in the shed.

Cannot recall what the roof rails were but the mounts are somewhat specific to that rail/profile. Was a 2004 Subaru Forester if that helps!

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Hi Simon, I'd be interested in those racks, why won't they fit on your new racks?

OK.  Think we need to be 'friends' before i can message you?

There seems to be quite a variation in the profile of rails, not merely a one size bracket/clamp that fits all. Probably being overly conscientious but I'm not happy with the way these fit now.

Also, roof mounting for the new car is too high for me to comfortable lift and mount a bike safely, especially my MTB.


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