Hi folks

Anyone on this forum a regular or occassional user of Gage St?

I think my first task on NPSP Council might be to discuss the multiple traffic islands that are placed along that street, which have the effect of pushing any cyclists out into the line of traffic.

At the last NPSP Council meeting on Nov 1st, these traffic islands came up as an issue because there has been a large petition on behalf of the small block of shops on Gage (between Gwynne and Firle) to remove one of them in order to free up a car parking space.

The Council has referred the matter to their staff, but will revisit it.

As an observer and member of the public at this meeting, I was unable to make any comment. However it struck me that this could be an opportunity to address the suitability and design of these traffic islands from the point of view of bicycle users, as well as the shopkeepers.

Obviously it will be easier for me to bring this to Council's attention (as a Councillor) if I have the back-up of some local residents/cyclists.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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Yes I ride my son to the childcare on Gage St. I actually avoid riding along Gage St where I can (where it is wide and where those islands are) because it does not make sense to keep having to swerve out of a straight line to avoid them.

As for Gage St where it is narrow it is too often used as a short cut from Magill Rd to Firle and carries way too much traffic that travel at high speed. Some deterrents there would be good.

I prefer to use the Ashbrook, Ashmoore streets as Cycle Instead journey planner recommends but there you have to go through a number of small round-a-bouts and we all know every car approaching a round-a-bout thinks they have right of way so cycling that way is also not a bed of roses.
I don't use Ashbrook and Ashmoore streets much myself, but I have noticed that they are pretty horrible too.

As for round-abouts, I was training a group of school children from Walkerville Primary yesterday as part of my Bike Ed work. They were queuing up at a round-about ready to go through, and a car driver came up behind them, and pushed past them, all of them, despite my signalling her to stop, over and over, I was glaring at her, and she kept creeping past, driving over the traffic island in order to push through.

So my kids learnt that some car drivers REALLY don't know the rules.

It's partly my fault, because I didn't make sure that my kids moved out into the centre of the lane and claimed the road as was their right. I made sure that the next group did that! And the car drivers who were behind them had to wait.

So obviously education for all road users is a big part of dealing with round-abouts.

As for the roads in St Morris, Firle and Trinity Gardens - well, let's get to work!
Hi Sophia,
congratulations on NPSP election victory. I live on Gage st and am all for more restrictions to traffic movement here and throughout the area. We suffer with 000s of cut through vehicles in the area, and have been campaigning for YEARS to have something done for the entire area. The roundabout was only put at 7th and Gage to minimise council liability after we instigated a petition for traffic control in Gage st. Removing any islands would possibly be a step in the wrong direction.
As an avid cyclist who uses all local streets daily I think we should be pushing council to honour the commmitment to the State Strategic Plan to REDUCE CAR USEAGE in NPSP and Adelaide. The problem with cars cutting through residential areas is exasperated by the failure of council and Transport SA to upgrade the Glynburn/Magill corner so that traffic can flow especially in PM busy hrs between 2.30 and 7pm. The land in front of the hardware shop was acquired in MID 1970s for this purpose but yet no action.
In short I would be supporting more traffic restrictions in residential streets, not encouraging cars by providing more easy options for parking etc....encourage locals to get on foot or bike, as after all these shops are zoned LOCAL for local use, and there is already plenty of parking.
I'd tend to agree with Simon, Gage St (South) is a narrow rat-race, and principal vehicular problems stem from the fact that Magill/Glynburn intersection is a dysfunctional nightmare most of the day, not just a peak times. That Gage St is a feeder to Shelley St etc and cuts off the Glynburn corner is a major issue which needs addressing as part of the overall strategy. By all means look at promoting cycling solutions but don't make them 'instead' of vehicular solutions.
Hi Rusty

Yes, cycling solutions need to be integrated with vehicular solutions.

I guess I have started this conversation because the opportunity to discuss the traffic management infrastructure in Gage St was raised at the previous Council meeting, although from the point-of-view of shopkeepers, not road users. But it could be a chance to talk about local street and transport management in a more holistic sense.
Hi Simon

That's some food for thought!

Do you have a link to the section of the State Strategic Plan that you refered to? I'd like to check it out and then find out what NPSP Council have been doing, and what they are likely to do.

I'll try to find out more about the Glynburn/Magill corner, I know it well as I live there, but I wasn't aware that land had been aquired by DTEI in the mid 70's to upgrade this corner.

I'd like to hear from more cyclists who use the streets around this area - basically anyone who rides through St Morris, Firle and Trinity Gardens.

Simon, keep the conversation going, let's see what we can do!

I ride through that area as I live in Magill by the roundabout at the top of The Parade and cycle to Kmart Firle and beyond. I really love the short stretch of path next to the creek that starts just west of Kmart from Hampden St and runs to Gage St.

East of Glynburne Rd is pretty good as well - I can cycle (MtBike) through The Gums reserve, quiet back streets, then through UniSA Magill Campus which puts me at the intersection of Magill & Penfold Rds.

Linear parks and associated cycle/pedestrian trails are WONDRFUL! The more the merrier, please :-)


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