I was walking along Plain Tree Drive past the zoo today and there were more than a few cyclists riding quite quickly on the footpath. I thought that the footpath that runs alongside the zoo fence would have no high speed cyclists on it but there were plenty. Is the other footpath any better?

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I assume that cyclists take that side to not have to cross Plane Tree Drive twice on their way through to Frome Street.

I would suggest the other foot path to be actually worse - I usually ride there ;-)

Frankly I have taken all three alternate routes - foot-path by the Zoo, the path that runs on the other side of Plane Tree Dv which is the one that I would suggest cyclists use and the actual road itself in a contra flow mode.

If I want to go fast I take the road on the premise of few cars - assume all and any will walk straight into your path as contra flow is un-intuitive! AKA not safe!


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