Tonight a glance at weather radar looked all clear (very much like this screenshot from after I got home). But it had me fooled, and it steadily drizzled pretty well all the way home. So does rain always show up on the radar? Perhaps the drizzle was coming up as white (as it is on Mt. Lofty in this picture, though my ride is more or less Adelaide to Glenelg), and I just didn't notice it?

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I like to check the radar, if it looks like rain or drizzle. Tonight I just had to look out the window.

ive always wondered how accurate it is

Like many things in life - it's pretty good but not perfect.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opposite. Checked the radar in the morning before work and saw what appeared to be a big chunk of rain right on course for my work commute. So I drove, only to be greeted by clear weather and even blue skies!

It always seems to me that light drizzle either doesn't show up on the radar, or looks like this - odd patches of white.  Not really enough to bother with waterproofs anyway...

You'd think it wouldn't be much, but last night it was a constant drizzle which was just enough to get me thoroughly wet. So much so that I abandoned the ride and got on the train with my bike.

Still, it's better than not having the radar available. I've been caught out badly in the pre-online-radar days ("Hi [Wife], could you drop by my work with a towel and a complete change of clothes?"), and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I have a complete change of clothes in my desk drawer, just in case...  plus spare shoes.

On the topic of weather ...

What weather information matters most to you?
Questionnaire by Bureau of Meteorology
For planning your bike ride?

Bureau of Meteorology impacted by internet service providers' move to wireless frequency
Published by ABC News on 16-May-2018

For a couple of days out I often hit this site:
Generally speaking it is pretty good.

You might want to watch out Sunday afternoon if you are planning to on your bike:

Well - I went cycling Sunday afternoon, rain-coat in bag.

Gotta admit I am almost distressed at the actual **lack** of rain of late :-(

The forecast was only about 200km off. I was out riding Sunday late morning at Gladstone in the Mid North and I got quite wet. Rainfall totals in that district were around 8-12mm for the day. Who knew that leaving my rain coat in the car would bring on a nice crop drink for the locals.


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