FOO, IT’S TIMES LIKE THESE >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: March 7th 2015




Number of GW Riders today : 54



GW Members. So Sexy....

FOO. Phew!  It is times like these that you have to be so thankful to live in the best place in the world.... and to be able to hop on the bike and just ride in the besssssst ever conditions.

54 GW riders did just that this morning. They had 3 GW HILLs concurrent rides to choose from, and there was an excellent spread of riders on all three rides.

The temp was perfect. The wind was relatively calm. The routes & scenery were magnificent. The company was out of this world.

It was just a magnificent way to kick-start the long week-end. All three rides were incident free and the feed-back re the “enjoyment factor” was  just off the chart. Those who rode with us will tell you more about their GW ride experience in the coming days!

NEXT WEEK: …will be a very big week for GW. It is our 4th anniversary ride!! Details will be posted on AC Events and YOU are welcome to attend!

We are expecting a huge crowd next week so please RSVP to reserve your spot. Birthday cake is on the house!   (PS….it will be also Wilson’s and Frank’s last week as GW organisers).

Hmmmm! A few of the GW Members have put together a video to celebrate our up-coming 4th anniversary.

Please enjoy:

GW.... SEXY….. and YOU Know It!”



Brad (R) wishing Craig B a happy 38th birthday!

Michelle and Macho SEXY Dale ready to ride

Craig rode strong up Cornishman’s Hill

Sexy Wendy winding her way through the hills

Keith leading the pack up Cornishman’s

Excellent riding today by all accounts Karen!

Andrew ‘happy as’ after conquering Cornishman’s

Kevin and Co doing so well on the HILLs ride

Ken…President of the Central Districts Cycling Club

Linda and GW friends in the hills

Paul and Greg…excellent riding again today

Mark really loved today’s GW experience

Paul K…beautiful photo…(thanks Juz)

Well done today Chad

Cashy wins this weeks GW Helmet Hair Award

Carl whistling his way to Kersbrook (Checker Hill changed that)

That is not true! Batman is a lovely bloke!

That is a nice sexy outfit Paul!

GW Members Linda and Juz.  Sexy.... and they know it

Vanessa & Tremea... Baked Figs & Ice-Cream post ride

Carl, after his Checker Hill climb!

GW Member Dale is a huge FOO FIGHTERS fan. He went to Melbourne last week-end to see them and then went to their Adelaide concert during the week. Outstanding by all accounts, however we will wait for Dale’s concert review.

Accordingly, we close out this week’s ride report with:

Foo Fighters  – “Times Like These”


Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.

Gawler Wheelers: Winners of the Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year Award 2013


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We continue with our GW Member Profiles.

We start off the series this week with long time member Colinb B.


GW: Hi Colin. Thanks for coming in for the interview.

Colin: My pleasure. Don't have long though, Lisa is waiting. Do I get paid for this?

GW: Sure mate....will buy you a beer next week.

Colin: That much! Cheers!


GW: Please focus and look at the camera! How long have you been riding a bike Colin?

Colin: I rode a lot when I was young  - 5 to 11 YO as my parents didn’t have a car until then. A Raleigh with a 3 speed gears. Went everywhere with my best mate. Then nothing until 4 years ago when I needed to lose weight and started riding a hybrid on my own and initially with Mark Heinrich. Alistair joined us and we then found GW for regular group riding.

GW: What do you like best about getting on your bike?

Colin: Getting off after a long flat ride haha!!!. It lets me get away from the other life pressures ..…like work. And to meet other cyclists. 

GW: When did you join GW and why did you join

Colin: Around June 2011 I think….as I don’t keep good records but I prefer doing activities with others rather than alone. And the early Saturday start still allows time to do other things at the weekend…..if you can get away from Farinas of course!

GW: Do you have any other interests outside of cycling Colin?

Colin: My life-long interest is railway steam locomotives. This started in the UK when I was 12 ie when a group of us joined a heritage railway.

We worked on derelict steam engines and under guidance from adults helped get them running again. This probably lead me to take up my profession as a mechanical engineer. Still keep in touch with the group even now…..45 years later.  

GW: That's real cool. What has the GW experience meant to you

Colin: New friendships, sore legs, achieving things that I thought impossible, feeling good after a ride and improving every time. And it’s something positive to look forward to after a hard weeks work.

GW: Colin, tell us one or two things that GW Members might not know about you

Colin: Lived in South Africa for 4 years …both daughters were born there. Must have been something in the water or beer! Trained and passed my Private Pilots License in 2001….but not flying any more now.


GW: What is your favourite song Colin?

Colin: "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin...but it has to be the long live version! Is that all GW?..I have to go now".

GW: Oh...well thanks for your time Colin.

GW: >> PS Colin are a wonderful GW Member. Appreciate all you do to support the group and members in so many different ways. We all  love you riding with us. GW thanks you Colin.


Colin (R) on first GW ride 25/6/2011 .......(with his mate Mark)

Colin after he got fit riding with GW for a while. Now doing triathlons! CHAMPION!

Colin & family (Lisa, Stephanie and Amelia)


Colin's favourite song:

Led Zeppelin: " Stairway To Heaven". Long live version ....just for Colin!



Well, unfortunately I had to work today...

However, that didn't stop me getting my GW fix before I went to work.

I decided to take on the Beginner's Hill ride due to time constraints.   Craig H kept me pretty honest on the SOB leg and there may be some truth to the rumor that several Strava PB's were achieved once the terrain went vertical.

All in all it was a top day, with my favorite leg being the run home from the final Uley Rd regroup.

Life is grand!

Cheers Lee. Well done were strong on the whole ride!

Look forward to hearing the details of any Strava PBs. (Some of us are not on Strava!).


Lee..... toward the top of Cornishman's Hill this morning.



Well Frank, I set no more than 12 Strava PB's on climbs after Main North Rd.  I know I will never be faster up climbs than the guys who are much lighter than me, however, that doesn't stop me from trying to better myself.

After Tyeka Drive, I thought I would absolutely burst, yet Strava tells me I rode up Cornishman's Hill Rd faster than I have ever done so before.

I guess it just confirms what some of the other riders that I race with have been commenting on.  I do appear to be getting stronger.

The Handicapper had a bit of a chat to me after the last race after I broke away from her near the end.  (She's in a higher grade than me.)  If she has her way, it won't be long until I go up a grade again...

12 PBs...that is sensational Lee. You were on fire!!

Beforehand you mentioned that you might give Cornishman's a miss....just as well you didn't!


Thanks Frank.  I decided if I was limited for time that I would just take on the short ride and push as hard as I dared.

I almost wanted to get off up Cornishman's (my love hate relationship with that hill still continues) but as soon as I saw the last driveway and you taking photos I knew I was just about there, so I just kept going.

Usually, if you can make the driveway that has a large fence by it just before the top, you can make it all the way, as the gradient reduces not far afterwards.

I also managed to use my large chain ring on the top half of Uley Road, so I knew I was doing okay.  Hence the reason I went straight up to the top of Uley Rd to try and claim another scalp before coming back down to the regroup on Cornishman's.

As many know, I do love challenging myself from time to time.

OMG......look at the first photo.....changed a bit since 2011....thankfully.....the hybrid is still in the shed. And the gloves destroyed lol.  Saw LZ at the 1979 Knebworth festival......crazy days but fun. I think you owe me a beer Frank.

 Colin if you want to relive the Knebworth Festival experience here is their full concert.

Led Zeppelin Live at Knebworth Festival - August.11,1979. (Full Concert)

PS ....I think I see you in the crowd in this short clip Colin!

Led Zeppelin - Knebworth 1979 (crowd film)


Very enjoyable ride today, even if it meant climbing Kersbrook Hill (Mt Gawler) and Checker Hill both ways, ouch!

Was debating what ride to do though and if it was up to my doctor I wouldn't have been out at all (shhh). So not sure if common sense prevailed here when I chose to do the extreme hills, oh well I made it lol.

After a few years of riding with the Gawler Wheelers and clocking up over a 100 group rides, unfortunately I will not be around to ride the 4th birthday ride next week. It has been a great journey though so a big thanks and kudos to both Frank and Wilson, you have both done an awesome job creating this successful group and the friendships that have evolved. I'm sure it will not end here though so I still look forward to riding many more rides with you guys and everyone else.


Kev, well done yesterday mate.

Excellent feed-back received by all who rode the Extreme Hills route.

Kev (R) with Richie prior to the ride.



Fourth Anniversary Image

Sat 14-Mar-2015

Come along and celebrate 4 years
of Gawler Wheelers Social Group Rides !





Cheers Wilson! See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*** ALL: Please click on the Route links above to RSVP for the anniversary ride. (Will assist us with advising Farina's re staffing requirements).


Wilson and JB........ discussing all things bikes after the ride yesterday.



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