A heads up that Gorge Rd is probably going to be closed off at noon on Saturday east of Torrens Hill Rd due to expected flooding. ABC article here.

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No right turn today from Torrens Road, so certainly closed. Not sure how far you can ride up from the city side.

Dave, Locals said it was possibly planned road works, prior to future rains causing delays.

1mm of rain so far at Crafers, hardly a flood. Where did it go instead?

Sounds like they're either playing with, or deploying instruments to check on the stability of, the steep cliffs along the Kangaroo Creek dam diversion road. Rock falls along there have blocked the road before today.

The rain band that came through before was a bit of an anti-climax and whilst there is a big system incoming I'm not so sure as to big rain falls - nonetheless it seems heavy winds will be upon us...


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