I've gone up Corkscrew Road a few times but I've always had a breather somewhere. Today I went all the way without stopping and I'm really pleased.

I question why I do it all the way up and my brain keeps saying 'just stop and have a rest" but it is good to push through the pain and get there. I'm learning the art of just going really slowly (got passed by an elderly tortoise) instead of stopping when the lactic acid is getting bad and my lungs feel like they are not working anymore.

I know some people would tear up this road full tilt but at my age, with my fitness, I'm really happy I've been able to push myself beyond the point where I didn't think it could do something. Thanks to my bike, I'm fitter in some ways now than I was 20 years ago.

It was great riding up the Gorge, the cars drivers were really sensible which was a nice change from my last few times.

One day I might be able conquer Sheoak Road. I've never gone up there without a rest so far.

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Well done Simpson! The CorkScrew sure is a leg and lung buster!

I haven't done the corkscrew yet, but from what I've read about it.... well done!

My experience on Gorge Rd has been slow but positive. Cars seem very sensible, although I also have a habit of signaling instructions to car drivers (on any road), not sure whether they follow that or just think I'm a crazy lycra idiot.

Yes, I think many drivers appreciate being signaled when the road is clear ahead. My problem a couple of weeks back was when a car coming from behind passed me at the same moment that an oncoming car passed. The vehicle on my side of the road had no intention of slowing or giving me space (there was none) and I was hard up to the guard rail. Very frightening.

A week before, I thought I was inadvertently cycling at the Isle of Mann TT. I think some lads in cars and on motorbikes had done a recce to check there were no police because a couple went up and back before others came thundering past at high speed. At least these nutters had really loud vehicles and I was able to get out of the way. I do hope that police fitting hidden cameras is a real thing and not just propaganda, however it would not be hard to blank off the plates on a motor bike for a speed run.


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