Hi guys.
Having ridden exclusively on-road for quite some time (on a MTB/hybrid) I have decided it's time for a road bike!

I live in Reynella East so all roads lead up or down and I do a lot of riding up Bains Rd or Education and then down through Clarendon and so on. Very little along the beaches.

I was thinking sub-$2K but saw a Specialized Tarmac Elite 105 for $3K which really did look the goods. It comes with mid-compacts but the shop will fit compacts for the same price (see, I have been reading this forum!). All carbon frame and forks, 11 speed cassette Shimano 105, hidden cables etc.

I have a history of keeping bikes a long time and won't be buying another bike in two years time when I am more experienced with a roady.

I'll wait for the sales regardless of what I buy but my question is (please), would this be the way to go? My Garmin will give me cadence so that should help with getting used to the new bike and it's gears. No power meter, sorry DR. Not yet anyway. Am about to turn a big number so all the help I can get eh?

Once I have a bike I will be hitting up the Southern Range Riders for an L ride too so, Hi to you guys!

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Hi Dave, thanks for the reply.
Some good info there. I will bear it all in mind. Cheers.
Regarding the Roubaix, the guy in the shop did mention that bike but Then moved on to the Tarmac. I may go back and have another look. While I am looking forward to a new bike I won't be racing that's for sure!
Regarding peddles, my plan is to take my SPD peddles off of the MTB and use them with my current shoes with SPD cleats. At least that will be one thing I won't have to worry about.

For less than that price you could get full carbon with Ultegra gears and brakes. It's much easier to remove/refit the wheel with Ultegra when you get a puncture. Any bike shop worth it's salt will fit compacts and larger cogs on your cassette at no charge. 

I have an XDS 800 full carbon Ultegra gears etc and love it. I believe they currently retail at about $2200. Bought mine at Star Cycles Elizabeth. If thats too far try Road Rage on Payneham Road and I believe there is a shop down south that sell them but not sure which one

Thanks Clive.
The Road Rage website has some good options, and Complete Cycles at Pt Noarlunga is the XDS shop down south you are thinking of, which is close to me so also worth a look.
Complete Cycles aren't big on XDS roadies and I really want a bike I can test ride. The Orbea bikes look good but again they'd have to order the 105 spec in & the Ultegra spec is close to $3K again.
My LBS has a Scott CR1, 105 group set full carbon, compacts, for $2K. Will take it fr a test ride tomorrow I think.......

Complete Cycles aren't big on XDS roadies

By this do you mean they don't like them or just don't carry stock?

They carry XDS stock but not in road bikes. That could get something in but the very helpful guy was more "Orbea will be the go for you". But they ARE XDS agents and it IS a good shop and the guy IS very helpful, very chatty which for me, full of questions, is very good.

I have a CR1 HMF Team. Great bike. What size do you need? Im having a no road bike summer so rather than have it sitting around gathering dust I could be talked into selling it. With Power Meter!

Thanks Dstone, but I bought one this morning!
Yours with a PM too.... Would have been ideal. I'm Sure you will find a taker if you really do want to sell it.
Took the CR1 from Tailwind Cycles Reynella for a test ride and just loved it! It felt very comfortable, in hoops and up on bars, looking over shoulders etc. and me having ridden MTB for a looooong time!
Big b/day early January so it'll be put away till then but can't wait to get out on it!
Cheers for the offer Dstone, and thanks to Dave, Clive and Roger for their comments, it's nice to have someone to bounce stuff off of.
I promise not to race, and I promise not to beat you if we ever ride together!


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