The final plans for the new rail extension from Tonsley to Flinders Medical Centre are available on the Planning Commission website for the next day or so.  The plans include the proposed adjacent pedestrian cycle path which takes you over both Sturt Road and South Road.  I have no idea whether these plans have changed since earlier versions were published last year.

The Planning Commission has a nasty habit of pulling documents off their website quite quickly, so download now if you are  interested:

There are other documents here: 

The Planning Commission will be dealing with the development application at a closed hearing tomorrow.  The final decision is made by the Planning Minister, but there is no doubt it will be approved.

I've haven't been active on Adelaide Cyclists for a while, so apologies if this is repeating information others have posted. 

Mark Parnell MLC (Greens SA)

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A good find, thank you.

This was considered by the State Planning Commission and the Dept was sent back to do some more work.  Here is the extract from the minutes.  The formatting is a bit off, so try this link if you prefer:

The State Commission Assessment Panel discussed the application.
DEFER consideration of the proposal and seek further information from the Applicant on the
sion of information about how the proposal responds to the following
The broader public transport / rail connectivity strategy for the network
in this
, taking into account existing land use arrangements and the
Darlington Upgrade Project.
An analysis of existing pedestrian / cyclist movements relative to existing land
uses and nodes of activity.
An analysis of local population composition and current pedestrian
movements, with particular consideration for people with a disability and/or
mobility impairment.
The envisaged future land uses as outlined by C
oncept Plan Mar/7 (Laffers
Triangle) in the City of Marion Development Plan consolidated 20 February
Provision of detailed plans of how the elevated walkway will integrate within the
Flinders Medical Centre to the south and Flinders University to the
east (including
internal circulation and accurate distances to key destinations).
Provision of the multi
-criteria assessment, including weightings, used by DPTI to arrive
at the preferred public transport design solution.
Provision of information for the future relocation and redevelopment of the Clovelly
Park station to the Tonsley Innovation Precinct.
Clarification of pavement materials for the new pedestrian pathways connecting to the
Clarification on the project intentions for public art insta
llations and feature lighting.

Thank you Mark - if you have any other tips like this I would also love to hear about it

Another recent issue with DPTI is about the King William South Tram project. We asked to meet early in the piece to talk about including a separated bikeway but were not given a meeting. We were however told their would be consultation - to date we have seen nothing is the way of public comment, or that they have sought feedback on the proposal from any cycling groups. What we have heard is that they are getting on with building whatever they have planned which is basically another painted white line.

Any suggestions?


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