Thursday 16-Feb-2017 6.30pm screening of documentary film Le Ride at Wallis Piccadilly Cinemas, 181 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide.

In 2013 a few cyclists set off on vintage steel bikes to retrace the 1928 Tour de France – 5,600 km in 22 stages over 26 days. Le Ride was inspired by four Australians and a New Zealander who were the first English speaking team to complete the Tour de France. Included legendary cyclist Sir Hubert Opperman.

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it doesn't appear to be listed on the Wallis web site.

Where did you source the information?

Yesterday I saw an item on ABC TV News, so searched the web for more info. I will phone the cinema.

The cinema said that the film will be screened there, but cannot buy the ticket from the cinema. The above link has buttons for reserving a ticket.

More info at
If the minimum is reached (usually around 60 tickets) then the screening is confirmed and goes ahead, tickets are emailed out.
If the minimum number isn’t reached the screening doesn’t happen. No credit cards are charged. If not enough tickets sell, the screening is cancelled and no one is charged.

Would appreciate feedback from anyone who reserves a ticket, and before the screening.

Cyclists recreate gruelling 1928 Tour de France in memory of Australian-NZ foursome
Published by ABC News on 2-Feb-2017

Ticket $20 + booking fee $1.65 per ticket
47 tickets reserved. 9 more tickets before screening confirmed.

screening is now confirmed!

and now only one ticket left!


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