A draft Parade Masterplan of Norwood Payneham & St Peters.
Feedback to the local council closes on Friday 22-Jun-2018 at 5pm. 

My understanding:
– Lower speed limits on segments of The Parade, to 50 & 40 km/h. Think this leaves some as 60 km/h. Think the speed zone for parallel Beulah Rd (Beulah Bikeway) is 50 km/h. This needs to be lowered to 40 km/h (or even 30 km/h) or expect more vehicles on Beulah Rd as rat-runners avoid The Parade.
– No bike lanes between Osmond Tce and Portrush Rd. Cyclists expected to ‘share a lane’ with vehicles, or use Beulah Rd. Shops are on The Parade not Beulah Rd. The Parade footpath to be widened. This leaves cyclists in the dooring zone of parked cars, and without space for overtaking vehicles to leave the minimum one metre clearance.
– Several other suggestions to make the area more pedestrian friendly.

What do you think?

View the plan via haveyoursay.npsp.sa.gov.au

If you ride in the area and would like to comment to the council, see the above link.

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There is a survey:


I would recommend people take it.

Done. NPSP is a bit more forward thinking than a lot of the others, so I'd expect some of this at least goes ahead. Shame I live in Burnside where it's still 1950 in the council.

Yeah, I live in the Burnside area as well but cycle through NPSP all the time.

Maybe Burnside can look to good things happening next door and get a bit of "keeping up with ..." - you never know!

The Parade Masterplan
Submission by Ian R of BISA to NP&SP on 21-Jun-2018

Phase 3 consultation is open - calling for submissions



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