FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE BAROSSA? >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday May 25th 2013

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No. of Riders : 43

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Ride Summary

This week we are giving away a $50 Café Y voucher. Café Y is located at Chateau Yaldara (above) in the Barossa and is owned by our good friends Nick and Elias. All you need to do is tell us about your favourite place(s) in the Barossa Valley eg restaurant, winery, gallery etc. Each place you tell us about = one entry in the draw. Winning entry drawn at next weeks Gawler Wheelers ride. All AC and GW members eligible to enter! Competition closes next Friday at 6.00pm.


Today, in unbelievably ideal conditions, Gawler Wheelers held two concurrent rides.

18 riders participated in the Beginners Hills ride which took us down the SOB, up Yorketown Rd, up Cornishmen’s Hill and then the fast ride back to Gawler. It was the most pleasant of rides! We all stuck together, had great chats on the way and it was incident free. The feed-back on the ride was fantastic!  Did you enjoy it as much as me?

An all time record 25 GW riders decided to tackle the Hills ride. There were a few not sure at the start as to which GW ride to go on, but they were “talked” into doing the Hills route at the last minute. Did they make the right decision? Absolutely!!! The Hills route had an exquisite mix of both suburbia and country riding. The regroup stops were leisurely and gave everyone time to catch their breath, and more importantly socialize. It was also an incident free ride and the group arrived back at Café Farinas not long after the first group. Was it a hit for you?

Thank you to all who rode with the Gawler Wheelers this morning. The highlight for me was post-ride! Yep, I just loved seeing everyone having such a great time after the ride talking about their fabulous GW experience!

NEXT WEEK: We will be holding one big GW group ride over one of our traditional routes. The twist is that for the first time ever we will be riding it in reverse direction. Details will be posted on AC Events and YOU are welcome to attend.

The Gawler Wheelers backyard is the Barossa Valley, and we ride there often. This week the new ad promoting the Barossa was released. Tell us what you think about it!


Social Media was abuzz all week about the selection/suitability of the music for the Barossa ad. Here is the song….your views please:

“RED RIGHT HAND” – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds



Newbie Glenn (R), visiting from Wagga joined us for this morning’s ride. Nice to meet you Glenn and trust you enjoyed the GW experience

Kevin getting ready to ride

Wilson (L) signing up Scott for the Hills ride

Listening carefully to the Ride Brief

The perfect match – Tash and Fred

…and more glamour on today's GW rides

Paul and Michael on the SOB

Ian about to turn into Adams Road

…followed by Terry, Paul and Michael

Tony enjoying one of the regroup stops

Michael & Ian fine tuning the brake pads

David & Richie on the Hills route..where are the hills?

Lee at the top of Yorketown Road

Chris and Doug on the Hills ride. Enjoy your trip to the UK Chris and Caroline….tell us where you are going etc.

Hills group about to hit a steep descent

Paul was sharing these yummy dates at the regroups. I'm hooked!

Paul (2) wins the GW Helmet Hair award this week

Post ride > Elaine delivers the lamingtons for her fund-raiser ride. Wait until you hear about her next fund-raising event. It’s not Strip Poker…it is a Strip Bingo night!

So..who was the winner of the Café Farina voucher?

Tash and Elaine draw the winning entry

…and the winner is ……

DALE! Well done mate….enjoy the night at Cafe Farina!

The Giro d’Italia started in Naples (Napoli) a couple of weeks ago and is drawing to a close. What a race this year! Have you been watching the Giro, and if so what have been the highlights for you?

Finally this week, from Napoli, we say good-night to you with:

“BUONA SERA” – Dick Brave & the Backbeats

Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.

Gawler Wheelers Contact


Gawler Wheelers: Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year 2013


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Favorite place in the Barossa?  Well, that's a no brainer! Gomersal Rd of course!

Today's ride?  Fantastic!  Thanks Frank and Wilson!

Lee, what did you find fantastic about the ride?

Gomersal Road!!! .....ok that counts as an entry for the $50 voucher. Here is a recent Cafe Y review fyi:




Frank, the small group was fantastic, the company was fantastic, but the most fantastic part of the day was the 70+km/h blast down Kentish road!

At the bottom of Manglers Hill about to ride the great climb is my Favourite place in the Barossa Frank! 

Carmen thought you would say something like that!!! It goes in the draw.

You will love their pizzas......they have a huge outdoor wood-fired pizza oven.....photo below:



Hills ride was great fun and pace was quick. I think it was 25 riders that came back. It's funny to think that Cornishmans is now easy. I like Jacobs creek not the winery but the watercourse it's in good condition with the assistance of the locals.

David, agree re the setting at Jacob's Creek. It goes in the draw!

Correction if I may >>> Cornishmans Hill is getting easier...still not easy for some!



Yes Frank we heard you in PAIN behind us nearing the top of Cornishmans... I have it on VIDEO :)

Will you be posting a summary video of our shorter ride today Terry? I think yours was the only video camera with us.

Obligatory "favourite place" for today's ride would be Tenafeate Creek Wines that we rode past soon after turning off of Uley Road to Gawler-OTH Road. Yummy pizza and wine and a fantastic view across the South Para gorge to Mount Crawford.

Scott, ok we will count Tenafeate Creek Wines as an entry. I actually went there for lunch last Sunday. The place was packed. Sat outside overloooking the valley....beautiful view. Bruschetta + a Pizza + a bottle of red.....too good!


Terry, you did not hear sounds of pain from me! I am Italian.....we are very passionate ...they were sounds of pure joy, ecstacy etc etc. :-)


A lovely day out for a ride today. The Beginner Hills Group worked nicely together and didn't seem to have a big range of speeds, so nobody had to wait a long time at regroups for the tailenders to catch up. Three of us didn't attempt the "bonus loop", so we had the new (to us) thrill of reaching the next regroup point first instead of having people wonder if we had got lost. Even so, we only had a couple of minutes until the rest started arriving. Congratulations to Michael who made it up Cornishmans for his first time, and so was first to the regroup.

Leanne got up early enough to take a few photos as we rode up Craigmore Road, so she might add some photos here or to Facebook later too.

Congratulations Dale on winning the meal voucher at Cafe Farina.

I have a number of "favourite places" and "favourite memories" in the Barossa. A "place" that comes to mind is the Stonewaller room at Rockford Wines.

For a cycling place, I also love the ride between Tanunda and Lyndoch, and after last week, Lyndoch to Tanunda is just as good.


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