Fantasy Vuelta Espana, 2015 Adelaide Cyclists league (closes really soon)

Sorry for the late setup. Here is a fantasy Vuelta league for Adelaide Cyclists.

Poor old Vuelta, always overlooked.

The code is 22012322. Team entries close really soon. No prizes, just glory.

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Goddamit Dan Martin, you were my only hope.

No I'm down Dan Martin and Sagan. The greasy pole.

Your lucky, I'm down three, three stages ago.

Now there's no Froome!

That's chucked a spanner in the works for quite a few teams.

Meanwhile my depleted team have made it to 4th from bottom! Woohoo!

I get the feeling that my run at the top is about to come to an end ...

I wouldn't mind my run at the bottom coming to an end !

I've only got two riders left in my team. I think that's a record.

Unlucky Gus, cycle racing is certainly a lot of luck and good fortune.

Has anyone entered a team in the Tour of Britain? It looks a fantastic

race. I entered and can't wait for it. 

I WON!  YAAAAYY! I've only just caught up with the highlights of the race.  Just like Astana, it seems like cramming my team full of climbers seemed to be a winning formula.  

For anyone who hasn't seen the OGE Backstage Pass from the Vuelta this year, I'd strongly recommend it.  Very insightful, well put together and always entertaining.


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