Fantasy Vuelta Espana, 2015 Adelaide Cyclists league (closes really soon)

Sorry for the late setup. Here is a fantasy Vuelta league for Adelaide Cyclists.

Poor old Vuelta, always overlooked.

The code is 22012322. Team entries close really soon. No prizes, just glory.

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Even less Australian choices for me to ruin my team with than usual!

Nice at this point I'm sure of a top five.


Go el Bicycle Team!

Interesting start to the race.

I don't know how I can start a league and not actually be in it. I'll see if I can join after the start. Good old Velogames.

So, I pick Nibali and he gets kicked out for hanging onto team car for 200 metres after a crash - - have seen worse than that ignored by commissares.


I like this this among many doing the rounds this week

hahahaha There are so many good one, but this is excellent.

You would think, that being an experienced pro, he would know the rules and also be aware that there are video cameras in front, behind and in the air - - virtually nothing gets missed.

Brain must have been in neutral.

Finally I've worked out how to join my own league. You'd expect if you start a league it'd include you.

This is a good thing, for me at least, because I'm going the best I ever have.

Ah-ha!! My charge to the top has begun. 2nd-last to 3rd-last, with a bullet! 

That is better than being "lampe rouge", as I am at the moment !


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