I've set up Velogames.com for the TdF.

If you've not played before, it's easy. Pick a nine rider team with a value of no more than 100 points—they guide you through climbers, sprinters, GC, all rounders etc. Then join the league, sit back and watch your team go. You earn points for wins and places, jersey holding etc.

More on Velogames here.

There will be a prize for the winner but you must enter the AC league before the start of the Tour.

Final Scores

It's all over, the champagne drunk and the B-samples submitted. Here are final scores.

Congratulations to DS Dan Auerbach and his team Little Black Submarines for the win, 400 points ahead of Chris C and Tim B.

Here is the full board. The white knicks award goes to tail end charlie CLP. Better luck for the Vuelta Carl.

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I'm in.

Hmm, found it difficult to get many strong riders in there this time around ...

In. Is there a prize for the team who has the most riders abandon or get caught doing drugs?

Gus...Hope foreigners are allowed to join the comp.

Sure, we just won't mention you're in Queensland.

Little bit further away than Queensland...currently residing on a small, flat piece of coral in the middle of the Pacific!

Are you lot having trouble seeing your team at all?

When I visit the site it appears that I'm logged in but all of my riders are hidden as if I was viewing someone else's team. If I try and visit the team or enter now I get prompted with a login page that just hangs, and every now and then I'll actually get to my team so I can see them. I thought it may have just been my tablet, but having same issue on laptop.

The site is problematic. It'll come good in the end. 

That happens to me to. Whenever I log in I can press "visit team" but it then appears that I'm logged out.

When login screen hangs just give it two or three seconds and then visit the same page (hitting "refresh" should do it, but I usually click in the address bar and press enter again) and you'll be logged in.

18 teams submitted. It's hard to choose this year.

Agreed, Even after some compromising I'm still over budget. Build the team saround some obvious top 5 sprinters for stage wins or look ahead to the GC. Either way it's impossible to back both the Froome and Quintana horses without the rest of the team being a bunch of slouches :) and then if you want that Sagan dynamo, forget it

Count me in 


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