About three weeks ago, I was coming home from Glenelg on my Ebike when the frame broke. dropping me onto the ground.  fortunately, only doing about 10km/hr, so no real injuries.  (A bit of skin off where my left elbow hit the ground through my shirt, and a wound inflicted on my right hand, through my leather glove, by the speedo mount.

The down tube broke at the meeting with the head-tube lug, a known weak point on oxy-brazed bikes. 

I have removed all the components ready to fit to a new frame.  The handlebar was a little bent - the left end was one of the three points that hit the ground.  (The other two were the left pedal and my left elbow.)

(I have another mixte frame that the purpose-built battery will fit, but, unfortunately, it has French (aka "frogs**t" threads), so it can't be used with the special BB cartridge which also mounts the motor to the frame.)

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A good example of why you should check over your bike frame on a regular basis! Good to read that you survived the indignity of coming off.

Wow! That would have been somewhat scary!!


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