An independent assessment of the Adelaide City Council’s redevelopment of Frome Street bikeway has uncovered a plethora of risks associated with the controversial project - including an “extreme risk” it will fail to meet community expectations.

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It.... is.... a..... bike lane.... Other countries and cities started doing these nearly 50 years ago and have hundreds of kilometers of them now and are creating more of them every bloody day . How come it is so difficult to do in Adelaide. Ineptness to the nth degree...

Oh dear. I thought it had been a little quiet on the Frome St front. We shall see what emerges!

Here is the Indaly story on this LINK

Wow! the "extreme risk" that they talk of is FINANCIAL and POLITICAL.
Cyclist safety didnt even make the list, unless you count cyclists as PUBLIC WORKPLACE

Whoever wrote the below line in the report should hang their head in shame.

“The risk of adverse media in relation to the project will actually be ‘almost certain’,” it says.

what it should say is...

“The risk of adverse media in relation to the project will be far outweighed by cyclist's safety”

The "extreme financial risk" is that the budget is insufficient to deliver the stakeholder expectations. That means the "stakeholders" (which presumably includes cyclists, and maybe even potential cyclists, as well as drivers and business owners) are known to have expectations of a safe, separated bike lane suitable for families to ride up from the Torrens Linear Park to the Rundle Street food precinct, as well as commuters and students safely going about their business.

As before it sounds like a bunch of squabbling people - change is coming - the sky is falling - cyclists!

Personally, this quote sums it up for me:

In February, a consultation report found that businesses, residents and design professionals overwhelmingly rejected the council’s plans to demolish and redevelop the existing section of the Frome Street bikeway to allow for two driving lanes along the length of Frome Street – but they endorsed extending the bikeway.

When you look at the 2 sections it's easy to see why they would endorse extending it, the undeveloped section is crowded and dangerous for all 3 users.


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