Is the big organized ride thing a bit overdone?

Saturdays Big Red Ride is $80

Sundays Ride Like Crazy is $110

Fridays Tour Down Under Ride is $145

To do all 3 costs $335.  Who can afford that?  

All of these rides have a big list of sponsors too, yet they are all expensive to ride in.  They are all poor value when you compare them to Bike SA events, which cost about $40 and have excellent catering, marshalling and organisation.

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charity rides attract $$$$ , regret not doing the RLC as from what I have heard is a better ride than TDU as well my CA license renewal hurt my wallet :(

yeah a good point Paul. i think they are all trying to capitalise on the enthusiasm round the TDU. i set my sights on the TDU ride last year but am now regretting not doing RLC but the $$ aspect is always an issue. The Big Red Ride doesnt really interest me so not fussed about that one. I am also looking at doing the challenge series so there is another $200ish. it is certainly an expensive hobby!


All in the space of a week - would be better if they were spaced out a little more as well

But - don't all of these events include a Jersey whereas the BikeSA ones that is extra?

If you deduct the $30 that the jersey would cost them its still expensive.

The total price is steep but the opportunity to register begins months before, so with some planning the cost can be spread over many months.

The hills are free, the road is endless, and a bakery stop might cost you a tenner.

Enjoy :-)

yeah that is a really good point SD. being new to the cycling thing i really enjoy the big group ride thing. i am sure it will get tiresome some time tho  =-)

Depends on the reasons why you're doing these rides.  If you're doing it just for the challenge of a certain distance, then go ride for free elsewhere, anytime.  If you're supporting the rides to raise money for charity, then an event like Ride Like Crazy - in which "Every cent of profit raised during Ride Like Crazy 2012 (RLC 2012) supports the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation and the Neurosurgical Research Foundation. The 2010 and 2011 Ride Like Crazy events have raised a total of $320,000 for charity" - then I don't consider it poor value.  My registration fee is going to charity - I don't expect anything back except a few lollies at the feed station, a bit of gatorade power, and just pure satisfaction of knowing I'm doing something good for someone other than myself.  RLC is the best organized/managed/catered event I've ever participated in, IMO. 

From what I've heard, Jason - very little for RLC.  TDU Community ride, on the other hand....


Hi Belinda, you're absolutely right.  As a staff member I can vouch that the FMC Foundation was chosen as a beneficiary for this event because 100% of donations go towards the cause - absolutely no admin fees are deducted from any donations we receive.  With the $80,000 we received from last year's RLC we were able to purchase a state-of-the-art microscope which will be used by many of the cancer research teams within the new LIVESTRONG Cancer Research Centre.  The NRF were able to dedicate their funds to an equally important research project.

Hi Juliette - likewise, we chose the FMC Foundation as the recipient for our fundraising for our Square2Square ride in March 2011 - it certainly made it worthwhile knowing that every dollar we raised was going to the Livestrong Cancer Research Centre too!


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