I want to get some narrow touring tyres for my mountain bike but the tyres I am keen on have a maximum load of 90 - 95kg depending on which width I get and I weigh 90kg.

I know the load will be shared somewhat between the 2 tyres but I jump off gutters and so on every now and then which will put a temporary big load.

Has anyone had any bad experiences exceeding load limits like simply destroying the tyre?

I already have a 700x28 tyre on the front which is thinner than the ones I want to get but I can't find a load rating for it so it never crossed my mind. Maybe I'm worried about something I don't need to be. They're probably good for 500kg

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I've got a heavy e-bike (plus 100kg of me) that used to chew out the back tyre until I went to a Schwalbe Marathon 26 x 2.00. That tyre is coping well with a bike weight of around 130kg going up steel hills (hardly any weight on the front as it starts to lift). Not that I had an actual catastrophic failure, just rapid wear and sidewall fraying. Some Schwalbe load ratings here. Pick the right tyre and 100+kg is fine.

Actually that is the tyre I want, marathon greenguard 700x32 or 35. http://www.schwalbe.com/en/tour-reader/marathon.html

My back tyre does get hammered on dirt a bit, and I'm very happy with the strength of this tyre. Previously I ran a Schwalbe Hurricane and it didn't last much over 1000km. I think you'll be fine with the greenguards so long as your wheels can handle that load too.

I use Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tyres and have been very happy with them. On one bike I use 700x28 which are rated to 85kg. It is a steel frame bike + plus my 88kgs. Additionally I often ride with my son in his bike seat which combined is about another 15kg (although it is a front mounted seat), but I also regularly ride with panniers sometime up to 15kg, total load getting up to 130-140kg, with the majority over the rear wheel. Only problems I've experienced have been a pinch flat and a broken spoke, but no issues with the tyres.

On my other bike I use the same tyre but 700x35 which are rated to 105kg, which is useful as I have a sturdier rack and load the panniers up sometimes up to 20-25kgs.

With both bikes I pull a trailer, hitched to the rear axle sometimes loaded with up to 40kgs and this also hasn't been a problem with the tyres.

That is maximum load per tire when at max pressure.

So 120kg would be the max these lightweight tyres can handle technically.



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